Selfie tips to consider

Nailing the perfect selfie is not easy, please consider some selfie tips. It is about the ideal combination of light, setting, angle, and photo filters.  Selfie experts, such as bloggers, vloggers, and makeup artists, can give you the best advice about taking a perfect selfie. Here are some tips to make your selfie to the next level.

Use apps and filters

Filters can make everyone look gorgeous. People using the Afterlight app for photo editing obtain good results. If the selfies are essential for you too, specialists recommend the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. It has a selfie mode. The phone makes everything easy. After taking a selfie, it airbrushes the photo of the face and lightens it. There is no problem editing a photo of yourself before posting it. Professionals also like Facetune. It lets you subtly shape, blur, morph, and defines some areas of the face. Some bloggers love the filters on VSCO. Other great apps are Adobe Photoshop and Perfect365. If your under-eye bags are bothering you, it is easy to blur them. If you want to whiten your teeth, no problem. Facetune offers a trick to detail your eyes and makes them look sparkly and brighter.

Selfie tips - use apps


It looks obvious, but the first rule of taking a good selfie is to pay attention to the lighting. You need good natural light. Light is the best beauty product you don’t need to pay. Don’t stay in front of your computer or tv. Turn towards the window with natural light. Better, go outside, and benefit from the sun’s glow (use sunscreen). Proper lighting can make a shadow disappear.

If you shoot your selfie inside, bloggers advise you to find a window. Natural sunlight will make for a perfect selfie. You can take a piece of white paper and hold it under the chin. It creates a natural light, illuminates the face, and reduces the double chin effect.

No shadows

There is nothing worse than a huge shadow over your face. When you in doubt, face directly into or away from the sun. If it is the middle of the day, and the sun is high, the shadow will look like bags under your eyes. The best hour to shoot a photo is during the sunrise or sunset when the light is low and beautiful.

selfie tips

When do you use a flash?

Find natural light and avoid shadows are main tips on how to take a perfect selfie, but what to do when it is dark. Maybe you are in a club or just at home, watching a movie, how do you get a good selfie in the dark? Use Snapchat. This app has a flash feature for the front-facing camera. The screen will burst bright light on your face. It won’t look perfect – it gives the photo a subtle blue cast. The positive side is that you will be able to see your face. Save the picture in your camera roll and play with the tone to make the photo a little less blue.

Take many selfies

The best tip to take a perfect selfie is to take as many as possible. You need to take lots of selfies before finding the one you like. Try to turn your head in different directions; change the angles between each shot. You will obtain lots of photos, and you can choose the best one.

Another option is to film your selfie. You don’t need to take to make standard photos — press record on the video and pose. You can make a 1 – 2 minutes video. Now you can scroll through the video and freeze a frame with the best pictures. It looks too merely, but you can obtain a good image this way. There are no differences between the selfies taken using the classical method and making a video.

selfie tips

Use angles

There is essential advice; keep your chin down and the camera up. When taking a selfie, hold the smartphone so that the bottom of it is level with your eyes. Or better, use a stick. The selfie sticks look ridiculous, but if you hold it up high, everyone will look svelte, slim, just like a supermodel. Don’t stare directly into the camera. Many people don’t look their best straight on. It is better to turn the side a little. You don’t need to take a full profile but turn just slightly.

Don’t over-edit

While we like to edit and filter photo, you don’t adjust your selfie to the point that it looks unnatural. You need to use a light touch. It is easy to exaggerate. You need to touch up the areas that are sensitives. The little lines around your eyes make you human. Never use the filters at max capacity. Instead of selecting a filter on Instagram, use the filter.  When a sliding bar comes up, you can reduce the severity of the filter, making the app less edited.

Don’t forget the background

The best pictures have impressive backgrounds. It is great to take selfies while skydiving! You can use simple backgrounds but beware of photo-bombers.

Never overthink it

You need to relax. If you will try to hard, your selfie is never going to be the perfect one. An exciting thing about selfies is that you don’t need to make a serious face. If your makeup took two hours to complete,  you are not doing right. The best selfie poses are the one that comes naturally to you.

Embrace natural poses

Before you snap a selfie, say “yes” in your head. You can inhale to have a relaxed expression. You need to keep your eyes shut until the moment before you take the selfie. Your appearance will look best when your eyes are fresh. Avoid black-and-white pictures. People like colors. Avoid sunglasses. If you include pets in your photo, people will identify you with your kitten.

The secret to a right pose

Keep the shoulders down and back lengthens your neck and defines your jawline. These movements suggest energy. Keep your shoulders back and smile with open eyes, and you will look confident, curious, and competent.

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