The best photo-editing apps for iOS and Android

Photo editing was limited to desk computers. The significant performance improvements in the mobile device allow you to capture high-resolution photos on a mobile phone, but also to edit them on the mobile device with an essential part of the features you have in a computer.

You can find on Apple’s iOS App Store and Google Play Store many photo editing apps. Searching for a good photo editor for iOS and Android, we described a few great editing tools for both platforms. These photo editors work on both platforms.

  • Adobe Lightroom is free. There is a $10 optional subscription.
  • Snapseed is free.
  • Photo Express is free.
  • VSCO is free. You have the option to purchase in-app.
  • Lens distortions are free. There is an optional subscription.
  • Afterlight 2: $3
  • PicsArt is free to use (in-app purchases)
  • Hypocam is free (in-app purchases).

Adobe Lightroom

This photo editor is the gold standard for photo editors. Professionals appreciate it. The user-friendly interface makes it an excellent tool for beginners and professional photographs in a cloud-based version, Lightroom CC. Adobe Lightroom is available on both iOS and Android. It is a full-featured photo editor and manager, with RAW photo support. Adobe Lightroom CC provides exposure adjustments, watermarking, and presets. You can download it for free. If you need to sync your photos across your devices or use premium features, you need Adobe Photography Creative Clouds plan.  You need to pay $10 / month. At the same time, you will have access to Lightroom Classic and Photoshop on your computer.

Adobe Lightroom CC also makes a list for photo edits. You have a built-in camera more performant than your camera app. It has excellent options, such as long exposures and other advanced tools. Adobe Lightroom works on Android and iOS.

Adobe Lightroom

Photoshop Express

It is a free app. Photoshop Express is very similar to Adobe Photoshop. Adobe released the Express version for Android and iOS. It works great for both, but it is not as sturdy as its desktop version. You can still adjust exposures, crop photos, carry out lots of tasks. You can create a preset, a huge time saver when editing images on your tablet or phone. Photoshop Express has a healing tool, collage templates, and blur options. To work with layers, you need Photoshop Mix. Soon you’ll be available a full version of Photoshop for iPad.

Photoshop express


It is available for Android and iOS. Snapseed is designed for professionals by Google. If it provides many editing options. The ugliest photos will become beautiful. Snapseed gives control over your photos; you will have a host of sliders able to blur, temperature. You can have 1960s style film effects, a Retrolux filter, and grain overlays.  Snapseed stack effects on photos, just like you work with Layers in Photoshop. It is the way to create new results each time you edit your photos. Perspective crops, curves, healing brush, curves, local adjustments. All these features make Snapseed a reliable option for beginners and professional photographs. 



The app was developed in the idea to make your phone create photos like film VSCO has filters. It allows you to buy packs of presets.  Each of these sets includes its aesthetic for each image type. VSCO offers a built-in community. Novices and professional artists can share their work in an environment like Instagram. VSCO offers professional-grade toos and advanced camera controls. Mobile photographers can download it for free. There is a VSCO subscription with the filters and tools available. VSCO works on Android and iOS. 


Afterlight 2

Its creators call the app the most powerful and full-featured photo editor for mobile. Afterlight has an essential editing tool. It also has built-in filters, local adjustments, RAW support, and frames. Works on Android and iOS. You can create some filters. It gives your photos a distinct look. Afterlight builds some great options, such as double exposure tools, mimic film light leaks, and features to add graphics. It is a one-time purchase. You don’t need to pay more money to unlock some features.


Lens Distortions

The software provides awesome plugins and apps for desktop. Lens Distortions created an app for mobile devices, Android, and iOS. The newest version brings new features to mobile devices. It provides color filters and overlay effects. It offers a slew of the impact you can add to your photos. The app is free to download. It works on iOS and Android. Lens Distortions include free filters in every section of the free version. If you need to access all features, you need to spend $1 to $5.

Lens distortions


If you like to remix photos and create filters and touchups, PicsArt is the best choice for you. It is a mix between Paint and Photoshop. You can edit photos. You also can use an assortment of brush tools to add to your photos. You can embellish your images adding some sparkle, adjusting the color, adding text, or making the remix you want. You can cut an object, layer it on top of another. While PicsArt’s main feature is the remix, you don’t need another app to crop and clone.  PicsArt works with Android and iOS.



If you want to bee a true professional in black and white photography, you need to see the world in black and white. With Hypocam your job is more comfortable. The app is monochrome dedicated. It converts the live view to black and white. You can see the image in black and white before you take it. The app contains a large scale of different tools designed for black and white photo editing. It also provides textures. Hypocam provides social media style news feed for searching for black and white examples. Hypocam works for Android and iOS.


These eight apps are great tools to make your photo look awesome. Maybe you don’t need all these apps. But you can experiment with some apps, almost all are free.

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