What is the role of collages?

You wondered what the collages were for, what is the role of collages. Maybe it is better to present a group of images that tell a story instead of displaying the photos one by one. Sharing pictures with family and friends can be interesting for both you and your followers. When you want to show your friends how it was during the holidays, or how cute your children are and how beautiful they play, make a collage. A single picture or more presented as a slide show does not have the same effect as a collage.

How to make collages and templates online

If a picture is a hundred words long, have you ever wondered how many words a collage makes? A well-created collage gives you the power to convey more than you think. Several in-image editing programs allow you to make collages, but also templates.

The role of collages – use templates to make then better

Creating collages is not as difficult as you think. You must upload the images you want to put in the picture. The application (let us use the BeFunky example) has a Wizard that guides you step by step. Of course, the application does not stop at a single collage pattern. You can browse an entire gallery and choose the version that suits you. Do not despair if none of the models fit perfectly with what you want. Any of the models are customizable; you can make any changes you need. You will get the version you want.

BeFunky also has templates specially designed for Facebook and Pinterest.

It is possible to customize every template. If you use them in your posts, you will stand out. Imagine you want to tell a story or talk about events. You will be able to have a unique post. Countless likes follow.

Infinite options to fulfill the role of collages

Using BeFunky, you have a lot of options. Many templates and many tools to help you customize collages with any theme. You can change the background color or add a surprising pattern. It is possible to add an attractive font or a mobilizing message. You have at hand all the tools to help you create a collage – a work of art.

With BeFunky tools, you will never feel tired while working. The tools are intuitive, easy to use. Their power to urge creation urges you to new deeds.

The online collage maker integrates with the photo editor. It means that you can use over 200 functions and effects to make your collage unforgettable. There are no limits. You can use your creative power without restrictions when creating a collage.

the role of collages

Here are the four steps to creating a collage:

1. Select the images. You need to choose the photos that play a significant role in the story you want to create in the collage.
2. Arrange the images. Place the photos to bring the story of your collage to life.
3. Customize the borders. Add textures, colors, to give strength and tone to your collage.
4. Complete the collage with messages, logos, or descriptions.

Another possibility to make spectacular collages is Fotor

Fotor is a photo editor that allows you to create amazing collages. You can tell your story through a group of images that show how it was on vacation, or what your son’s first day at kindergarten was like. Fotor offers so many styles that you will catch the attention of your friends at once.

Why is Fotor so useful for creating collages? Is it fit to fulfill the role of collages?

Collages help you tell your story, whatever it is: personal or for business. Fotor offers a lot of collage templates. Artistic temperaments help you form collages in the field of arts. You can add a series of photos and improve their appearance.

The collage templates that Fotor supplies are easy to customize and fit any area. Being an online photo editor, Fotor allows you to customize any collage. You can adjust the borders, color, or texture of the background using the Classic layout.

All you must do is add the images and text. You can change the size of the collage to be able to publish it on any social platform.

Classic collage

the role of collages

Artistic collage

This collage has preset backgrounds, fonts, and themes. It is what you wanted for social media. The offer is more generous, the effects more spectacular.
the role of collages

Funky Collage

You can create collages in a fun and cheerful way. Funky templates provide you with surprising versions that you can play with until you get the desired collage. Let your creativity fly and create the collages you dream of!
the role of collages

Photo Stitching

The tool that helps you create an original collage, which gives you the impression that you sew the images together, horizontally, or vertically, is the characteristic of the Fotor photo editor. You can customize borders, effects, and colors.

How to make a collage? You need only four simple steps.

1. In Collage Maker, open the selected images.
2. Put the photos in the selected boxes
3. Change the background, images, borders to suit the style you have chosen
4. Save the work in the format you need.

Adobe Spark is another photo editor with which you can make amazing collages. You will understand better the role of collages

You will make collages at a high level, without doing many operations. Just upload your photos or choose from the Adobe photo stock. Choose colors, background, and fonts. Play by adding stickers, colors you like, icons. Make a banal collage into a work of art.
You can quickly turn your favorite photos into unforgettable creations with a few clicks. You will get many likes. Sometimes it seems to you that you are stuck in a situation from which it seems impossible to get out. We are not saying that there are no better solutions, but we recommend Adobe Spark. It is a convenient, easy to use solution. The app gives impressive results in a short time.

Create more spectacular collages

We are not saying that there are no better solutions, but we recommend Adobe Spark. It is a convenient, easy to use solution. The application helps you make amazing collages. You can add complex effects. There are always tools that can guide you to make more spectacular collages.

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