Top 7 Features of Photo Editing Apps

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Myriads of mobile photographers are emerging these days due to developed and improved mobile lenses. Hundreds of pictures are clicked and getting edited, every single day. So it can be assumed that the demand for Photo Editing Apps is also growing rapidly.

Here are 7 features you can use to get better results from your Photo Editing Apps

Auto-tone ( Lightroom )

There are so many features in this application, even half the amount of people aren’t taking advantage of them.

Auto-tone is a great way to begin editing your photos, especially if you are newer to the software, don’t have any extensive knowledge base of the platform yet. It is a great place to start.

It’s found in the tone section, you just go there and click auto. The application will auto adjust the settings for you, what adobe thinks is a good edit.

It doesn’t give you a finished product, but it gives you a good place to start.

Perspective ( Snapseed )

Perspective plays a great deal when it comes to technical terms. It affects your representation. The beauty of the photograph depends on it. It creates an illusion of a 3D image.

The perspective tool allows you to align the photograph with the horizontal and vertical axis. 

In Snapseed, go to editing tabs, select the perspective tab. Open it with the tilt settings. Adjust the image by dragging towards the required direction concerning the visible grid. 

Snapseed’s AI tries to correct the black spaces with some cloning but it doesn’t always work. So cropping the image works better.

Creating a white border ( PicsArt )

You may have seen social media posts that look a bit different from the others. They look tidier and well-organized. It may be just because of a small change. Your profile can be like that. 

This small change can be done using PicsArt. It provides you with a feature called square fit. Tap that option and pinch in and out to adjust your border width.

If it is a gloomy pic, use a white border and make it more haunted. If it’s your favorite selfie, use the color matching your dress. 

This simple and subtle change can bring a huge variation to your profile.

Presets ( VSCO )

are you an IOS user and looking for the best Photo Editing Apps? I wouldn’t doubt your camera quality! 

So, you have amazing photos clicked on your gallery. It needs a bit of polishing before a bunch of love and heart reacts in your Facebook and Insta account. 

VSCO is one of the most trending apps used by IOS users. It has a very easy and interactive user interface that can be used by any amateur. 

The preset feature allows you to choose amongst any of the available filter and editing options. It has got a plethora of filters and options. 

With add on lenses, you can click your image, choose the filter, and post it in your Insta feed. The process is much faster with high maintained quality. 

Lens Effects ( Afterlight 2 )

This app is available for both IOS and Android. The android version is known as Afterlight.

Some wonderful lens effects are available in this application. Starting from dusty effects to make it look like an 80s picture to light leak effects to give a vintage feeling, the app brings you the most unique lense effects that exist.

You can use it to change the way the picture looks, the way it feels. Creative lens effects add to your story and enhance the feeling behind it. In-camera effects cannot be modified but you can enhance it by your post effects. 

Object Removal Tool ( TouchRetouch )

Ever taken an amazing shot, Which is almost perfect, obeying all the rules of photography, but ruined by an unwanted element in the frame? Perhaps a polythene bag flying and completely sabotaging the effort you made to smile for that long to get that perfect click? 

Now you don’t have to be a pro in Photoshop to fix it. Basic knowledge of TouchRetouch will do. It enables you to completely remove an object from the photo like it never existed.

There are two ways to do it-

  1. Brush tool ( By default )
  2. Lasso tool

The first one is really simple. All you have to do is paint over the undesired object- even if it’s not exactly accurate, you must ensure the whole object is covered. You may change the brush size by zooming in and make finer adjustments.

The second one is the lasso tool. Draw around the object and you will end up in a selected region just like the brush tool. 

Use whichever tool you find easier to use and make the almost perfect image, perfect!

Radial Brush Adjustment ( Lightroom )

If you want to highlight a specific region more, you are the one who can benefit the most out of this feature. 

Now, instead of vignetting the photos in the sliders, and just dragging that out, highlighting a focussed area of the shot that you took, would make that area stand out more.

It’s like creating a new lighting setup for that specific shot by using an adjustment layer within Lightroom. Therefore, this isn’t any new groundbreaking technology but something which is done all the time.

Hit the oval, choose exposure, under effects. Draw an oval in the desired portion. All you have to do is change the exposure settings which will make the background a bit dark, and the required portion much more highlighted.

You can hit the invert button to do the opposite, i.e, make the selected region darker.

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