Best Video Editing Apps for Android That You Don’t Want to Miss Out

It is pandemic, and you are stuck inside your home. You have a marvelous lens on your camcorder which can shoot remarkable videos. It may be shooting your daily activities for keeping a video record of your deeds. You singing your favorite song or presenting your new dish recipe which was experimented and turned out to be delicious, or completing 100 pushups a day challenge. 

After recording, you do want to present it in an organized way so that it makes your IGTV clip stand out from the others. Perhaps, increasing your subscriber count on your new YouTube channel.

Voila! Here are the best video editing apps for Android. Regardless of whether you are a rookie or expert, these amazing tools will bring a professional touch on your video. 

There are many Best Video Editing Apps for Android down there, but it has been narrowed down to a shortlist of two apps to help you decide which one is best for you.

#1 Adobe Premiere Rush

Part of Adobe Suite

The first one is the Adobe Premiere Rush. Now, this one is a baby brother of the professional video editing software on Mac and PC, Adobe Premiere Pro. 

While it is a cut down version, it truly packs a punch in the number of features and controls you get in this app.

Cross-device / Cross-Platform

It is also the only app that works cross-device or cross-platform.

Meaning, you can start your edit in Premiere Rush on your iPhone, open it up on your Android device or your Mac and PC and it just gets synchronized across all of them.

This makes your workflow so easy for you to start something on your phone / IPad / Tablet and then finish it off on your desktop computer. 

Fast Editing

You will love how fast it is to edit in. How intuitive it is to quickly find everything that you need, without needing to get bogged down in menus upon menus to go and find everything. 

Reformat Videos

You will also love how fast and easy it is to reformat your videos. If you start with a 16:9 or a widescreen video, and you want to quickly change it to fit in an Instagram story in portrait mode.

 With the click of a button, you can change and reformat your video to that. And it’s going to do a great job at lining up all your titles and all those sorts of things as well.

Audio Control

It has also got some amazing control over things like the audio. There are some really powerful audio features. They not only make it super easy to get your audio levels correct. There is an auto mode that does all of it for you if you want, but you can also dial in and control everything manually.

In layman’s term, the app is awesome! 


As for the downsides, this is something that is not going to work on every Android device. There is a list of supported devices to work with this app. So you need to have one of those.

And the other thing that is worth knowing is that there is still no ability to reverse a clip or play it backward. Which does seem a little strange given that it is something that a lot of people use when they are editing their videos, and it is fairly rare to lack the feature in a video editing software or an application.

There is a free version of the app, but you can only export three videos. So you have to look at the paid option which starts at 9.99$ per month.

Now don’t worry if you are freaking out about the price. Some other apps are coming up below.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android

#2 InShot

Another Best Video Editing Apps for Android is InShot. Out of all the apps covered in this blog, hands down, it is the most user-friendly application to use. But that does not mean it doesn’t pack a punch or it doesn’t have all the advanced features like Adobe Premiere Rush. 

It is super powerful for allowing you to create your videos, fast and easily, and still have them look great.


Just like Adobe Premiere Rush, if you want to reformat your videos from widescreen to portrait, Inshot makes that surprisingly easy as well.

Customization over effects

And there is a huge amount of customization and control, over the effects and things that you can apply to your edit as well.

Apply effects to multiple clips

One of the stands out features is that in such a simple app, you can apply the same effect in multiple clips in your timeline, without requiring manual set up of everything for each clip.


But what you won’t get in InShot is the ability to have multiple video layers or video tracks. In other words, you cannot stack your video clips on top of one another.

Also, there is no control over the frame rate. So, if you want to edit your video at a specific frame rate, you cannot have that here.

There is also no advanced professional-level feature here. Things like keyframing or advanced audio controls. If you are after those the other option is going to be a better pick for you.

There is a free version available. There are some watermarks but you just have to watch an ad before exporting it to get it removed.

InShot Pro available at 4.39$ where you get access to all Premium Filters, Effects, Stickers, and Fonts.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android


Coming up to a conclusion, If you are just a newbie and want to start exploring editing, I would recommend InShot. It has a very decent user-friendly easy to use interface. 

If you want to invest money to get a highly polished and edited video, Adobe Premiere Rush is the place to invest. It allows you to avail of all the wonderful professional features. It is worth spending your money.


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