A few apps to make you look skinny – you will never regret

apps to make you look skinny

You can treat your selfie with one of these apps to make you look skinny. When you use a photo editor to adjust your visage, you are not trying to change your look dramatically. You likely seek to make subtle changes to make the selfie look like you, but better. It is the reason why your photo editor can help you to look more like you.

The operation looks simple, but you need to become familiar with selfie applications to lighten under-eye shadows, for example. You also can smooth wrinkles, intensify your hair color, and whiten the teeth. You need to use the apps to make you look skinny with moderation. You need to void look creepy or plastic. It is a complicated procedure; you will obtain excellent results editing your selfie. The apps to make you look skinny can offer superior results to create your best portrait. You can use it on Facebook, Instagram, for work or school, or family sharing. Who can resist to a smooth lighten the under-eye shadows, to a thin nose or a subtle airbrushing or flattering lighting? The apps to make you skinny are easy to use. You can apps available for iOS and Android.

Facetune 2

It is the ultimate app to make you look better. You can correct the facial flaws. Be careful; your parents must still recognize you! Some retouching tools help to fix skin problems. Facetune 2 helps whiten your teeth, flatten up or slim down your face. You also can brighten your eyes and tame eyebrows. It is possible to go glamorous with perfect makeup. You can glitter brushes. Apps to make you look skinny offer great tools for changing the light source, remove shadows and glare. You also can control saturation and temperature.

Facetune 2 offers a comparison tool to view before and after image. The app is continuously updated to add new streamlining and features. Something new is the revamped makeup palette, with rainbow colors. We will have multi-color filters, light leak effects, and prism effects. A magic camera allows the possibility to tweak features as you shoot. Then you can shoot live filters to enhance the look.

You can download Facetune 2 from Google Play and iTunes.

Facetune 2 - Apps to make you look skinny


It is a spectacular application, in the category of apps to make you look skinny. Retrica is a selfie photo and video app and a social network app. You get into the Instagram groove with lots of stylized look and filters. You can see up to 100 spectacular filters before taking a shot. Retrica also supports selfie collages with shots from different angles and GIFs and live videos. You can annotate your images with timestamps, messages, lots of stickers, and doodles. It is possible to share your selfies on Facebook and other social networks. You can send the photo via private message.

Retrica is available on Google Play and iTunes.

retrica - app to make you look skinny


It is an app offering a flexible take on the selfie genre. If you want a perfect portrait, Airbrush, you have lots of options. You can even adjust the skin color, correct blemishes, or other facial flaws with a single click. The critical feature allows you to enlarge your eyes, narrow your nose, slim your face and go completely Hollywood. You will have beautiful makeup to suit any occasion. If you hate applying makeup directly to your mug, you can have an entire treatment with the app.

Airbrush is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Airbrush - one of the apps to make you look skinny


Peek Cymera if you are looking for a selfie cam with attitude. The app fixes your face, and it also lets you style your presentation. Cymera allows outfitting your look special effects, with up to 130 filters and hundreds of hair and makeup items. Body shapers can adjust your waist and reshape your legs. The app offers a collection of seven camera lenses: fisheye, Lomo, or divided lenses. If you need to shoot on the sly, Cymera provides a silent mode. In the end, you can style your photo with lots of stickers, built-it collages grids, or art effects. You can use blurred backgrounds.

Cymera is available on iTunes and Google Play.

cymera -apps to make you look skinny

Selfie City

Maybe you asked yourself if your personality reflects the spirit of a city. Selfie City uses a metaphor for self-reflection. It also provides that makes it unique from other selfie applications. Each town offers filters that reflect its characters or environment. Selfie City offers Selfie Collage (combine 16 portraits) and Double Exposure and blurring, vignette, AR effects, and a feature that mimic Apple live photos.

An important feature is an intelligent beautification. It uses face recognition to enhance skin tone and texture. The results will surprise you. The photo is artistic and conceptual. The concepts are intriguing, and you need to test its spectacular features.

You can find the app on iTunes and Google Play.

selfie city - apps to make you look skinny

A Color Story

It is not just another app to make you look skinny.  A Color Story provides some spectacular editing tools. The features work on photos and videos. You can improve your selfies before you start shooting. With up to 300 filters, 100 effects, and advanced photo tools, your selfie is in colorful good hands. A Color Story has a feature that enhances the colors in your image. You will obtain ab engaging scene, flares, light leaks, grain, and color fogs. If you use layers and blend mode, you will get with artistic qualities.

A Color Story - apps to make you look skinny

You can study the Instagram grid preview and plan features. It is possible to can batch editing. You can download the app from iTunes and Google Play.

YouCam Perfect

If you want perfection, YouCam Perfect is the best choice. There are some apps to make your skinny, but YouCam Perfect works fine.  YouCam Perfect lets you shoot selfies and video selfies. An auto beautify feature enhances the look as you shoot. The app manages to mask skin flaws. An eye enhancer enlarges eyes and removes under-eye puffiness. If you want to shoot a group selfie, YouCam Perfect provides a multi-face detection. It enhances the look of every face in the group. The app improves selfies with backgrounds, stickers, collages, and frames. YouCam Perfect removes unwanted background objects. If you want a full-body portrait, the app lengthens legs and slim your body. You will look taller. It is possible to make you look shorter. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

cam perfect - apps to make you look skinny

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