Fun photo editor online

One of the world’s favorite fun photo editor online is Pixlr. The app lets you edit photos in your browser. It is easy to experience the next level with Pixlr. A professional level is intuitive. It provides powerful tools for quick edits. The fun photo editor online opens almost any picture format, such as JPEG, PNG, WebP, PSD, and SVG.

Smarter tools for Pixlr, a fun phone editor online

In this case, say “Goodbye” to boring and repetitive edits. Consequently, use Artificial Intelligence! Generally, one-click is all you need to do to delete backgrounds, cut every strand of hair, and the rest! Likewise, let Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning take your photo editing to the next level!

Shorter editing time for Pixlr, a fun photo editor online

Especially, amazing effortless results! Switch commands or just “drag” pictures, from left to right, to edit them! Consequently, getting unique effects has become extremely easy with Pixlr!

Fun photo editor online

Simplified content creation

Do not sweat unnecessarily! Instead of working with graphic elements from scratch, browse our library full of stickers, frames, covers, icons, borders, and decorative texts. So then, now you have more time to get the perfect picture!

Enjoy the photo editing “on the go”!

In this case, you can edit pictures from anywhere! With this powerful program, you edit photos “as if by magic,” even from mobile phones or tablets! Try Pixlr now!

Start with X, advance with E

Are you new to Pixlr? Do not worry; with us, you have a natural learning curve. Consequently, you can start with the Pixlr X option, and once you are used to it, go to “Advanced” with the Pixlr E option. In the first place, open in XopenX right-arrow Close / Save right-arrow Open in E.

The easiest to use photo editor

So then, consider the photo editor advantages.
Photo Editing fast and easy;
Easy to control;
Perfect for crazy photo editing;
Artistic effects with a single click.

For professionals, a strong photo editor

In summary, professional photographer can enjoy lots of powerful features.
Editing with classic tools, but still flexible; intuitive navigation; designed for editing details; advanced editing

Remove the background

Image background removal in just seconds! Pixlr’s state-of-the-art AI tools allow you to remove backgrounds without working manually.


With Pixlr, you can make subtle changes in color and saturation; you can outline and blur images; you can apply vignettes and frames; you can combine several images. Especially, there is support for layers and several elements for painting and drawing. So, the options you will not find in other free photo editing applications. consequently, it works great, even for the most challenging projects. Pixlr by Inmagine is part of an ecosystem whose mission is to make design accessible to all.

Fun photo editor online

Pixlr mobile editing app

The photo editor is easy to use. Pixlr provides all the tools, filters, and effects you need to make one of kind pictures and photo collages. The result will be incredible; no one will think you edited your photos from an app! Also, it is free. You can download the Pixlr mobile app for free and start exploring today.

Pixlr editor is a fun photo editor online. No download is required, and it is 100% free.

Conditions to use Pixlr, a fun photo editor online

If you are used to working with PaintShop Pro or Photoshop, you will feel at home with this online image editor. It contains a lot of features that you usually see in desktop graphic design applications. Access and start using this tool without registration required.

No account is required.
Create a free storage account if you prefer.
There is nothing special to download or install. Launch it in your browser when you need it.
Provides tools such as layers,  brush controls, cloning, and filters.
Optional Pixlr private library where you can store all your photos and images.

Tools include red-eye reduction, a point healing tool, drawing tools, cloning tools, sharpening, blurring, etc. Filters include mimetic HDR, glamorous glow, tilt-shift, Gaussian blur, vignetting, noise, etc. Adjustments include advanced concepts such as Levels, Curves, Cross-Process, Desaturation, Auto Levels, Hue / Saturation, and Brightness / Contrast.

Pixlr is an advanced, fun photo editor online image editor with unique features such as layering and brushes, which even rival desktop applications’ functionality.

New features

Sometimes we take photos like crazy, but things get in the way, such as low light, distracting pieces, and other factors that can affect our workflow to produce the perfect photo.

Consequently, Pixlr save! This editing tool designed to make your life simple with effortless access with fast and intuitive functions. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and yet powerful online photo editor, Pixlr may be what you like.

Especially, Pixlr has launched several great applications, both on desktop and mobile devices. While Pixlr Express is our favorite tool of choice for quick application of filters and effects, the fully equipped Pixlr Editor has virtually all the features included that you would typically find only in desktop applications, such as Photoshop.

In this case, create a new blank document and start from scratch, upload an image from your computer, or enter a URL that indicates an image. So then apply masks and filters, work with layers, and more. Most amazingly, everything is free, and you do not even have to sign up! $ 0, incredible, but still true.

Improving your photos has never been easier. And if you need help, there are some great tutorials on YouTube to answer all your questions.

Quick and easy on-the-go editing

To summarize, whether you are working remotely, you are on vacation, or you do not want to buy and install a bloated desktop app – well, Pixlr may be the answer. Sometimes applications feel a little slow, such as applying brushes – however, it will handle all your editing needs and make images shine with easily accessible tools – directly from your browser and mobile devices.

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