Instagram Hacks For All Influencers

Instagram influencers strive to learn new tricks every day to grow their account, gain popularity and run a successful business. So here are some simple Instagram hacks that every influencer should know:

Use your fonts on Stories

When it is about fonts, the options on Instagram have a boundary. Instagram only gives five fonts for Stories — Classic, Neon, Modern, Typewriter, and Strong. Companies might need something more customized. While there’s no possible way to get more fonts in this tool, there are tricks that can be utilized to find better fonts for your company or any other purpose.

How to do it:

1. Open a fonts feature. There are numerous free Instagram fonts tools that give you different options, such as Instagram Fonts or Fonts for Instagram.

2. Decide what you need to write and type it into the box in the fonts tool that you’ve chosen.

3. Go through the available fonts and watch how your text looks in the various effects. Choose the font that fits your account’s aesthetic.

4. When you know which font to use, copy the sentence and open the Instagram tool again. Then paste it in your stories, Status, bio, or caption.

Hack #2: Get additional colors from the color selection

Are you tired of the fact that your brand colors don’t match the ones available in Status


 Perhaps not everyone knows that you can utilize far more colors than the ones given by default in the color selection tool.

How to do it:

1. click on Stories and tap the drawing tool icon.

2. Click on one of the effects at the bottom and (here’s the essential part).

3. Automatically, a palette of gradient colors will now show up, and you can move your palm to select any color you like.

You can also do this for caption or anything you long to color. Just press your finger on one of the colors and select from the palette that appears.

Hack #3: Add numerous hashtags to Stories and make them invisible

Including hashtags in your Instagram Stories is a great way to enhance your organic reach and notice new potential followers and consumers. While you can utilize up to 30 hashtags for your uploads, using more than one hashtag in your caption and Stories can look a bit spammy. So, make your hashtags look invisible.

How to do it:

1. Open StatusStatus, and choose the photo you want to share.

2. Write a hashtag and move it to a part in your image that has a great background.

3. Tap the pen tool and drag it across the photograph until the hashtag is similar to the background.

4. Your hashtag becomes invisible. Now you can repeat this method if you want to include more hashtags.

Hack #4: Change stickers by clicking on them

A tricky but golden tip: Try pressing on the stickers in Stories to alter their looks; for instance, change their color. Although this is not an excellent idea or trick, remember that it’s the small details that count on online media.

Hack #5: Share a preview of your Instagram Status

Instagram Statuses should look like — well, stories. But if your first picture or video clip doesn’t attract your viewers, they will likely leave and not flip through the remaining of your content. So how do you make them wonder or build up their curiosity? Share your experience on one of your Story!

How to do it:

1. click on Stories and select a picture.

2. Again, press on the pen icon and choose a color.

3. Tap on your screen and hold it for a few seconds. Your Status screen will now be occupied with this color.

4. Click on the eraser tool in the top right corner.

5. Now, erase with the tip of your fingers by swiping the screen. The picture underneath will show where you have “erased.”

6. Once you are all done, you can add a caption or call to action and share it on the stories.

Hack #6: Change the arrangement of your filters

You can make changes in the order of the Instagram feed post effects so that your most-used ones appear in front. This will make uploading a lot faster.

How to do it:

1. In the section where you create and edit a regular post or upload section, go to Filter.

2. go down to the bottom of your filters, then select Manage in the right corner.

3. If you press and hold the three-line button to the left of each Filter, you can pull down the filters and rearrange them in order.

4. To hide or unhide effects, check or uncheck the ‘done sign’ to the right of each Filter.

5. Press Done when you’re happy and ready to store them.

Hack #7: Link to IGTV from your Stories

If you need an easy way to boost your IGTV videos, then this hack is for you. It’s not that big of a deal, really, yet many Instagram utilizers aren’t aware of this trick.

How to do it:

  1. In Stories, choose the photo you want to post. In this way, it could be a screenshot from your IGTV video.
  2. Press the link icon at the top corner.
  3. Tap on the IGTV Video option and then choose the particular video you think of promoting.
  4. Click on Done when you’re finished.

You won’t be able to see the call-to-action from your admin review, but when your followers see your Story, they can swipe up to search your IGTV video—a perfect way to cross-promote your brand.

I hope my article has been of a bit of help to you in knowing the Instagram hacks that every influencer should know. These hacks will surely help you to boost your account or grow your brand.

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