How to make a Facebook post shareable


It is media posted on Facebook in the form of posts. The media can be pictures, videos, live videos, and status. Adding a post on Facebook means that you upload something on your profile that anyone in your friend list can see.

Through the post, you can share your mood or what you are feeling. One can also manage the privacy of the posts and add a caption to them.

The caption can be related to the post one is sharing or anything that one likes to share.

There are three different ways by which one can share posts on Facebook:

  • Through personal profile for the individuals who are available on your friend list.
  • Through the page, if anyone is having any about the people who who are following it.
  • Through the group for the friends who are present in that group.
  • Through any friend’s profile.

After posting, there is the option of editing that post again. If there is no mistake, then one can ignore this option. In the post, one can tag friends and also add locations.

If one finds later that the post is inappropriate, then one can delete it from the timeline as well. People can give various reactions to your post through different stickers or emojis.

They can comment on it and share it as well. There are various websites over the internet that guide one about making a post shareable on Facebook.

Facebook has now become a central hub on the internet. This is where brands are followed, ideas are shared, and innovations are displayed to the world.

Every company is trying to display their messages out into the world beyond their groups of friends or followers, but everybody knows how to do that.

In this post, we’ll be talking about how to make any post shareable on Facebook so that you can grab maximum attention to your brand.

By default, your posts are viewable only by friends in your circle.

This is because your privacy is protected, but it also means those great posts you want everyone to see can’t be shared automatically.

Fortunately, in just a few steps, you can make a post shareable on Facebook so that people worldwide can view your messages.

How Can One Make Facebook Posts Shareable

The two possible ways you can make your Facebook posts shareable are to either create a new post or make an existing post shareable.

The initial thing that you need to do is open the Facebook app and choose the option that says, “What’s on your mind?” Under your name, you’ll see two drop-down menus: “Friends” and “Album.”

Select the first box and change to”Public,” then type any post you’d like to share with the world.

Once you click on”Share,” anyone will be able to see this post, whether they’re followers, friends, or anyone else, which should help your post gain views across the internet.

Now, if you have an existing (older) post that you want to make shareable, you’ll need to open those posts and select the ellipses icon present on the right side of the post.

From there, select”Edit Post” and select the first drop-down menu that appears under your name.

This is where you can change to”Public” so that everyone can see and share your post. Make sure to select “Save” in the upper-right corner to finalize your changes.

Ø Sharing posts from Any Page

If you’re thinking about making something shareable on Facebook, it’s crucial to think from where the post is originated.

For instance, if you’re working with Pages, your post will be completely public and viewable by anyone, even if anyone hasn’t liked your page.

All posts on Pages are automatically shared as public and can be seen by anyone.

how to make a Facebook post shareable

Ø Sharing Posts from Groups

The initial sharing ability of Group posts depends on the security settings of that group itself.

Public Facebook Groups automatically have privacy settings as public so that posts can be shared with anyone worldwide.

If that Facebook group is private, you can only share posts within the group.

Ø Sharing Any Posts from Friends

Like Group settings, your ability to make Facebook posts shareable on mobile or desktop entirely depends upon that friend’s privacy settings.

If you’re not able to see the Share button on a friend’s post, he or she likely has their account locked.

Although you will not be able to share their posts in this situation, you can ask them to switch their privacy settings to “Friends.”

When Sharing on Facebook, Keep in Mind:

  • A certain amount of items shared on Facebook will always be public. For example, if you comment on a general thread, your post will be public, and anyone can view your statement.
  • When you select an audience for your posts, the audience selector will continue to utilize that same audience choice until you change it. For example, if you choose Public for your next post, all subsequent posts will remain public until you alter the settings.
  • When you change the audience on one device, it will automatically update on all of your devices. For example, if you’re trying to figure out how to make a Facebook post shareable on your phone, any changes you make will automatically update to your desktop or laptop, too. 
  • Your post will show up in your News Feed, on your profile, and in search results.
  • You cannot automatically post to another person’s profile; he or she can control who can see that post.
  • If you tag someone, the tagged person’s friends may also see that post or photo.
  • If you’ve opted to lock your profile, some of your sharing choices may be more restricted.


There isn’t any mentioned limit for sharing the post as such. Assuming that one can share the post an unlimited number of times, one will be able to share a post by following the method mentioned above and that too for any number of times.


  • Add an image with the post.
  • Try to start a debate by asking provoking questions
  • Write short posts
  • Post Relevant content
  • Enhance the post with hashtags
  • Post a variety of content
  • Allow people to comment on the post
  • Ask users to make a choice
  • Ask for feedback
how to make a Facebook post shareable


Facebook is an application that helps you to socialize with the entire world. You can access it for free and can enjoy it for hours the whole day.

It is not just limited to any particular country but helps one to connect with the whole world. One can easily make a post that will attract an audience. There are no restrictions on Facebook until one behaves politely.

One should behave on Facebook so that he or she does not get blocked. People can give various reactions to the posts on Facebook, or they can add comments to it as well. One can also share posts further on their timeline as well so that their friends can see the post.

As we discussed earlier, it is effortless to post on Facebook, and also, one can quickly create an attractive post. Facebook is a great platform to promote a business as well because it has a great reach.

Thus, Facebook is a great application that is used all over the world for different purposes.

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