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If you are an aspiring photographer, you must find an excellent laptop to provide you the right helping hand in photo editing. These laptops help you to blossom as a photographer by enriching your photo editing experience. You may be a budding amateur or a professional photographer with a DSLR, laptops come in really handy for you. Editing your photos properly can change a good, decent photograph into a classic click. You can easily run the latest photo editing apps here, as they come back up with updates and industry-leading screens.

So, we must know what are the features that make a laptop great for photo editing? Along with a widescreen, they should have plenty of RAM support (we suggest 8GB at minimum), to help you with your photos. Also, you need lots of storage space to keep your photos safe. A dedicated graphics card can be an add-on but isn’t always essential.

So, continue reading to know about the laptops which would help you in your photo editing journey and help you make big shots as a photographer.

All of these laptops have been selected based upon certain features and specifications, which are pretty crucial.


The MacBook Pro 13-inch (M1, 2020) is the best pick as an allrounder laptop for photo editing purposes. At the end of the previous year, Apple gave its iconic MacBook a major update, loading it with a new Apple-designed M1 chip. That works better than the Intel-powered hardware of the previous models.

This gave the comparatively smaller MacBook Pro a real power boost. The M1 chip performing fabulously when it comes to running photo editing apps like Photoshop. Moreover, the MacBook Pro 13-inch now has the longest battery life that has ever been seen in a MacBook. This is a seriously impressive performance when it comes to battery. And it means you can work with it all day editing photos, and without plugging it in.

Similar to the other MacBooks, it also has a gorgeous Retina screen that makes your photographs look fantastic. There is the Touch Bar, where a slim touch display runs along the top of the keyboard. It is a great working feature for photographers, as it contains context-sensitive buttons and shortcuts that change according to the app you are using. And works smoothly with key photo editing software like Photoshop. It really makes a big difference to your workflow and speed.


The Gigabyte Aero 17 (2021) is one of the best and the most powerful laptop for photo editing you’ll find sitting in 2021. It combines the 10th generation Intel Core i9 processor with 8 separate cores, along with an Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card, easily one of the most powerful GPUs you’ll find in a laptop. The feature that really makes it different from others in photo editing, is the fact that it offers an awesome 4K HDR screen, with 100% Adobe RGB coverage, which is Pantone-certified as well. This takes care that any photo you edit on this laptop is going to look at its very best. And keeps the colors vibrant and as accurate as possible.

It also comes packed with loads of ports. So you should be able to plug in your memory cards and any peripherals anywhere without having to worry about using adaptors. It may be an overrated model for some people. But if you want a cutting edge performance, this is the laptop you set your hands upon


Dell has proved time and again that it is the top pick for the masses when it comes to making sleek, stylish, and utterly desirable Windows 10 laptops. Appearing with the XPS 15, this is undoubtedly the best non-Apple laptop for photo editing. If you don’t fascinate a Mac, and can’t get a grip with macOS, then this is just the perfect laptop for you. Running on the familiar Windows 10, you have access to all the best photo editing applications around the world. What’s more, Dell has packed this XPS 15 model with some of the most powerful mobile components you can find in any laptop right now, so opening, working, and saving photos is incredibly quick, fun, and smooth.

All these features are packed into a stylish body that’s both thin and light – making it ideal for photographers who are often working outdoors and about. Its screen is bright and vibrant and wide, at 15.6-inches. It’s enough to comfortably edit photos on it throughout the day. It’s backed up strongly by a comfortable keyboard and excellent speakers, summed up with Dell’s famous build quality and support. It’s expensive but absolutely worth it.


Acer is a well-known brand for making gaming laptops. But with the introduction of ConceptD 7, it’s used its entire experience in building thin, light, and powerful laptops that are excellent assistants when it comes to photo editing.

This is laptop is packed to the brim with powerful components and features which easily help the most demanding photo editing tools to run smoothly. Along with it, it has also got a gorgeous 4KIPS display that is Pantone-validated. It means that coming straight out of the box. This screen will show your photos as they are meant to be seen, with not even a little hindrance in terms of quality. The body is smart, stylish, and professional, and it packs plenty of ports with it all around. So you can plug in your peripheral devices with ease. It’s also ultra-portable, so you can carry it around with you if you spend a lot of time traveling on the road, clicking photos, and editing them as you move further.

It’s obviously expensive, but the level and the grade of performance that this laptop has to offer means it’s absolutely well worth the high price tag attached to it.


The Surface Laptop 4 from Microsoft is a great choice for photo editing and is graded as one of the best devices Microsoft has ever made. It’s got a gorgeous design to boast off, plenty of power under its hood. Also, it has a large, high-resolution PixelSense touchscreen that is perfect for editing photos, and it makes sure that your shots look their very best. Microsoft has also included the latest mobile tech from both Intel and AMD.

Hence, Windows 10, and any other kind of photo editing apps you want to use, run brilliantly. The super-fast and reliable storage allows you to move large amounts of photos to and from this laptop as well. Best of it all, it has one of the longest battery lives we can ever see in a laptop. It allows you to work outside for hours and without any kind of worries about being plugged into a wall socket to take charge.


The best photo editing laptops will offer plenty of speed and reliable storage. Ideally, an SSD (Solid State Drive) comes with 512GB or 1TB (or higher) storage. This gives you fast data transfer rates which comes really handy in moving files and photos from one place to another.

Getting a decent laptop for the purpose of photo editing doesn’t mean you have to grab the most expensive thing available out there. As you can realize, basic photo editing techniques like cropping, resizing. And applying straightforward filters can be performed on most normal devices. But here, we have primarily prioritized graphically-capable laptops in this list because if you’re searching for a photo-editing laptop specifically. It’s obvious you’ll want to do at least some part of advanced stuff. Hence, you must spend some time in background study, before you opt for any laptop.

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