Top 3 Free Image Editing Tools for Bloggers

A picture merits 1,000 words. If your blog posts or site pages do not carry images, they look boring to the readers. Adding pictures can build your search engine visibility (by utilizing keywords in your alt tags) and furthermore improve your blog post quality as well. So I’ve chosen to explore a definite post covering some of the free image editing tools for bloggers.

Why do you need image editing tools?

You may ask, for what reason do I need to approach the photo editing tools as a blogger. That is a reasonable inquiry and here is a couple of solid reasons behind utilizing graphic editing tools.

They assist you with designing engaging images

Photos upgrade your blog posts quality

Photos help you skim through your posts rapidly

image editing tools help you to make delightful pictures rapidly, effectively, and generally liberated from cost

That being stated, here are the absolute best free image editing tools for bloggers. and designers who are searching for the most ideal approaches to configure dazzling pictures.

Image Editing Tools for Bloggers

Here We Present Top Free Image Editing Tools for Bloggers


Canva is by a wide margin the most well known free mage Editing Tool explicitly made for bloggers.

You can deliver proficient looking Photoshop-quality graphic photos, all with their free basic addition.

Canva works with intuitive usefulness, making it simple to estimate and move pictures, add textual styles, shapes, and text boxes.

They have more than 1 million already existing pictures and designs you can look over. Or you can transfer your own pictures to utilize. With a huge number of layouts to begin from and components to utilize like free symbols and text styles. It’s a blogger’s jungle gym.

While Canva is regularly utilized for making designs to be shared via social media, you can redo your own measurements if they don’t have a layout in your favored size.

From here you can pick a design and begin to assemble your graphics. You can likewise save your work to the cloud, which proves to be useful in case you’re dealing with major graphics like an infographic or a motivating force picture for your up-gradation of your content.

In case you’re curious about utilizing Canva, they offer a design school, which is a library of all tutorials to help you ace the highlights Canva has to offer.

In the event that you need to browse premium pictures, charts, or illustrations, there is a little charge of $1 per thing. You can likewise move for the upgraded version
of Canva for Work, which is in the form of a subscription, beginning at $12.97/month or, in the event that you pay every year, it’s just about $9.95/month.


You can make a picture or transfer or get one directly from a URL area. It upholds different picture formats. It has a scope of functionalities and the application is modified with Flash.

Highlights of Pixlr

If you know about Photoshop, you will discover pixlr all the more simple as the design seems to be comparative.

It has pixlr express tool which is useful for fledgling editors.

It offers HP photo editing features and considerably more.

Just with a single tick, you can control the size, inversion, revolution, and can add moment photo effects.

Pixlr UI is exceptionally easy to utilize yet if you need extremely essential information on photo editing software.

This tool is so helpful particularly for the individuals who edit the aging family pictures.

In the event, if you have a pro membership, further developed features will be opened like influence masks, blending, professional HD effects, and selection tools. The covering devices are ground-breaking in that you can shield explicit pictures from adjustments.

Image Editing Tools for Bloggers


It’s a photo editor just like a fashioner producer. If you need to make your thoughts spring up, at that point PicMonkey is for you. You can snap your picture editing and plan aptitudes to the following level with PicMonkey.

Highlights of PicMonkey:

It makes photo editing fun because of its clone device for cleaning up photos, digitally embellish, imperfection remover, mascara, Halloween includes what’s not all you require.

You can make edits to photographs by intuitive which is extremely simple.

It presented an element called “The Hub” which permits you to save the pictures inside the PicMonkey app so you can chip away at it again later.

You can pound a few pictures along with collage and you can redo it how you need which is beyond the realm of imagination in the majority of the photo editing software

3 Simple Image Editing Tips

Depending upon your image, you may not be happy with simply utilizing filters. Much of the time, you’ll need to tweak your photos by editing them.

A large part of a similar approach applies to mobile editing as it does standard photography, with certain variations to the Instagram medium.

Color Correcting

If you’re not using filters, at that point color correcting your photograph utilizing your instinctive eye or with the automatic color correction tool adjustment device in your favorite editing software.

Crop your Photos

You should attempt to crop and compose your photograph while you’re taking it but phones are handheld. So it’s not very difficult to move your hand while snapping your photographs. After you’ve taken them, crop your photos utilizing the standard of thirds (only if that applies), and the vast majority of all, fix your photos against the skyline!

Make it Cohesive

You’re a blogger and you have a brand. What’s more, much the same as a corporate brand, you should definitely know your style, including your coloring palette.

Thus, whatever you upload a new photo, just make sure it follows a firm style, when added to Instagram, goes with the remainder of the photographs on your feed.

In the event that you discover a particular filter to be appealing, at that point stay with that filter. The more you change, the more broke your look will be.

Image Editing Tools for Bloggers

Why it is important to Edit Instagram Photos if You Are a Blogger

Phones are exceptional gadgets. Indeed, even 10 years back, the idea of having a full-fledged PC that we controlled by contact and fit in our front pocket seemed like sci-fi.

However, to the extent we’ve come, phone photography actually has the best approach in giving a similar unique reach as a DSLR camera.

However, with photo editing tools, we are nearer than at any other time to create rich. Dynamic photos from the little cameras installed in our handhelds.

As a blogger, your image is your whole item.

Also, without the photo editing, you’ll rapidly find that your item will introduce itself as cracked and unpropitious to your crowd.

With some editing, your contributions to a blog brand will tell an extraordinary, convincing story with little exertion!

Presently I need to get with you!

Are there any tips you discovered that you are currently going to utilize that will assist you in editing your Instagram photographs?

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