Tips for choosing right Picture Editor

Thats true, there are just so many Picture Editors out there! But before we get started let’s discuss why we need Picture Editor in first place.

Think when you are on vacation and driving to a beautiful hilly mountains and get caught in rain. Now a passionate photographer will not ask for more!!!

Because Photographers love taking pictures and to make them more beautiful they use Picture Editor.

Mountain Rain

Now what are the main things photographers look for in a Photo Editor.

Eric uses Picture Editor reducing noise in Photos

Catherine uses it to make them more brighter.

Maddy uses it cropping and resizing.

And the list goes on…..

Yes, you guessed it right, we all have different need from a picture editor. Let’s now list out some of the most commonly used once!

Must have features for Picture Editor

  • Crop Photos – I think this is most basic key feature of any picture editor should have i.e Cropping of photos.
  • Resizing Images – Never the less, Image resizer is the another important must have feature for any picture editor. User should able to resize his or images without loosing any quality.
  • Filters – In today’s wold of social media, Photo Filters have become highly popular among youngsters where they like to add different filters in there photos before uploading to social media.
  • Adding Text to Images – People love to add captions to there photos, hence making it another important aspect of a good picture editor.
  • Adding Frames – Now a days, photo editors comes up with a built-in features for adding responsive frames to photo of any size or add your own frames.
  • Shapes and Stickers – Again no need to explain, mostly for youngsters.
  • Light Weight and Performant – Last but not least, a good picture editor should be light weight, easy to use and performant.

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