Popular Photo Manipulation Ideas

Photo Manipulation Ideas is very resourceful. Professional photographers all over the world use photo manipulation as a part of their business. They do so because it helps them save their time and create amazing photographs. If you too want to be part of that photography revolution then start implementing these photo manipulation techniques in your photos.

Inspirational Photo Manipulation Ideas:

Sony World Photography Awards. This award-winning photography exhibition is held annually in January. You can make some cool ideas by incorporating your photographs on this wall. You can have your photos enlarged or reduced to fit in the wall.

Glitch Portrait Effect

In the modern world of photography, we often tend to take several copies of the same picture to create a unique style. By glitches, we mean small errors that make the picture look weird. To create the glitched effect, you need to make several copies of your favorite photograph. After getting a perfect copy, you need to crop the unwanted parts to get a unique glitch portrait effect.

Click Ok/Cancel

Some of the famous images in history are clicked with just one click. Such images are usually from wildlife, nature, and abstract subjects. When you are trying to create a photo manipulation effect then, it is best to not click ok/cancel. Instead, simply move your mouse over the image and then click the ‘cancel’ button on the software.

Layer Masking

Another popular photo manipulation idea is layer masking. Layer masking is done by removing one color on the top layer and replacing it with another color on the layers beneath it. The result is a more drastic change than a simple single exposure effect.

Slicing and Cropping

One of the most interesting effects is a slicing and cropping effect where you use two different images to make a new image. For this effect, you need to find an object in your photo, preferably a part of your photo that you like, and place that object somewhere in the shot. You can then make a selection of the object with the help of the layer mask tool and slice the selected area.

photo manipulation ideas

Screen Effects

Screen effects are also among the most popular among modern digital photo manipulators. A wide variety of screen effects is available for you to choose from. Some of these include the 3D effect, a 3d effect, fog, smoke, and fake snow. There are some photo manipulators that create a 3D effect so you get a real look and feel of an actual scene with your photographs.

Horizontal Flip Effect

This is another one of the many photo manipulation ideas in digital photography. Basically, you take a normal photograph, turn it sideways and get a horizontal flip on it with the help of a digital camera or any digital photography device. Another twist with this effect is to get a horizontal Fisheye lens which gives a depth effect to your photos.

Anti-ultraviolet and Sunlight Removal

In case you need to remove some sunlight or prevent it from affecting the final look of your photographs, there are a number of options available in the market. These include anti-ultraviolet, Sunlight Effect, and Ink Smudge effect. In order to give a very interesting anti-ultraviolet effect, you can spray your subject with anti-ultraviolet paint and when that is done, you can take some contrast photographs.

photo manipulation ideas

Glitch Effect

Glitch is one of those photo manipulation ideas that are worth showing to the audience especially those who have an interest in computer graphics and aesthetics. If you want to give an impressive glitch effect, you will be able to do so by using several items such as random noise generator, smoke generator, particles, and many more. For a smoke effect, you can make use of white noise or a combination of different noises. This will enhance the appearance of your photographs by generating a unique image and blend it with the background of your photographs.

Color Correction

If you wish to enhance the appearance of your photos, color correction is the perfect way to do that. There are various techniques used for this kind of photo manipulation. The most common technique is the elimination of red-eye. By eliminating red-eye, you will be able to enhance the colors of your photographs and thereby add that extra zing to those awesome photo manipulations.

Brush Strokes

Using smooth strokes and large areas of dirt will help to give an impressive look to your photographs. If you want to present a more realistic look to your photos, you can add some texture to them. You can make use of various types of textures such as grass, dry ground, leaves, and many more. So if you want to present landscape photography at its best, you should definitely try to learn the ways of photo manipulation with texture.

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