Inshot video editing app

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Inshot video app is a world-famous video editing app with many cool editing features loaded in it. It is like bringing together all of the mobile apps designed to date to make video editing a cakewalk for you. You can even push your range or limits by editing a short film and sharing it with others on your youtube channel and other social media handles. There are many video editing apps out there in the market, however, Inshot ranks the best amongst them.

It is loaded with effective features that make it a high-priority app amongst all the other options.


Though the app comes free of cost and really handy, you often tend to see ads appear at the top corner of the screen while you’re editing. The finished and edited video product will be watermarked with the logo of the InShot app at the lower right of the screen. If you’re comfortable with the logo, then there’s just nothing else for you to worry about or do. It allows you to work in a clear interface and giveaway the need of advertising your video editing skills with each project you work upon. You can access the app easily, without any limitations at$2.99 (£2.99).


InShot also comes with a wide range of animated stickers, filters, and fonts, and a large part of those are free. You can just browse through the stores and download the ones you prefer. However, some come with a stipulated fee. Subscribing gives you free hand over all the additional content and edits. The entire interface of the program works in portrait mode. Hence, you can edit all kinds of photos, videos, or collages. We will go through them one after another:-


Initiate the process by choosing the video footage you’d like to use in your project from your gallery. You can select multiple video clips in one go and edit them side by side, simultaneously. You can include photos in your video project too if you prefer them.

Once you get all of your files imported, it’s time to get to the editing work.

Editing is easy, well thought out, effective, and easy to do with the tools available in this app.

All of the tools are really handy and are within reach in a bar visible just above the timeline. If you can’t find the one you need, try scrolling left and right. All the required ones that you’d expect are present on that bar. You can you’re your footage, split it, delete unnecessary sections, change the volume of each clip, duplicate parts, rotate or flip orientations, create freeze frames, speed up a part, play it in reverse order, or move selected clips all around. For an android mobile app, it’s got everything you would call for.

Also, you can preview how a premium effect or transition tape would look into your project, but you won’t be able to avail of it unless you have paid its subscription.

And yet there’s always more to explore: you can apply filters, or effects and also have full control over visual adjustments and alignments, such as Tint, Saturation, Shadows, or Sharpen along with a host of other tools.

When it comes to audio effects paired with visuals, you have a long list of sound effects you can add anywhere at your will in your project. You also have access to numerous tracks that you can download and use for free.

Once your job of editing is over, you’re able to press the save button and save it in the Camera roll or gallery of your device. In addition to having it in your gallery, you can also put it on social media handles like Facebook and Instagram.

All things put together, this app is compatible and has a complete list of tools, which makes the whole video editing process pretty easy.


InShot Video Editor app is also supported with photo editing features. It can also be used to prepare photos for sharing online. You don’t have to access any kind of video editing tools, but you’ll be able to alter and crop the photo hence it fits a specific canvas, apply a suitable filter or effect, adjust its parameters like contrast, stint, color saturation, brightness.

It also allows you to work with multiple photos but doesn’t collate all of your selected images into any similar kind of animated video project.


And finally, we have the Collage feature in the app.

You start the process by selecting between one and nine images from your gallery. At one go, nine photos are the maximum limit for a collage. You have eight editing styles from which you can choose. Reordering and arranging photos is a simple matter of a long press and drag. Zooming in and out and adjusting the crop of the photo is done using the multitouch method.


InShot Video Editor is actually a robust and strongly designed app. It’s pleasant and easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that is well suited to let you edit small videos and edit images.

A wide number of features are offered for free and you can avail of them at their best. With all of these positive points, it’s definitely worth a shot if you are searching the market for a new video editing tool.

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