Inkscape Graphic Design Software – Full Review

If you are looking for graphic design software, which can be used for both professional purposes, and vocation purposes as well, the name which comes to my mind first is Inkscape Graphic Design Software.

Inkscape is a full-featured, completely free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. It may seem because of its relatively less popular that it cannot do such powerful jobs. But contrary to this, this free technical drawing software has quite powerful tools combined with a simple and intuitive interface for beginners.

The open-source code that lets you manually change the lines of code and improve the program is another significant and positive side of this vector graphics editor. The improved technicalities reflected in the interface and other advanced tools are clearly visible. You can understand it when you start using them. Inkscape will be the best choice for beginners or hobbyists, but it won’t be suitable for experienced users. Some tools still require improvement.

Is Inkscape good? If you are a designer and don’t like the subscription system that forces you to pay for a particular product every month, or you simply can’t invest in expensive software packages, Inkscape may be a decent variant for you.

Inkspace’s basic file format is SVG. It is a cross-platform open file format among Adobe products. This format can create relatively compact file sizes without losing the quality of the original image.


All available versions of Inkscape software for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux have a fairly old interface. It hasn’t been updated for more than 5 years. At the top of the program window, there is a panel with various functions, on the left – basic tools, and on the right – the command bar. It may seem a bit old but has comparatively good functionalities.

All this together may seem difficult for a beginner. However, I like that the editor lets you customize the interface, remove or add functions and tools. To get rid of the unnecessary panels, go to “View” – “Hide”. This is one of the features which lacks in other software. You can keep the interface according to your convenience which makes it more comfortable to use.

Text Processing Tools

This free vector graphics software copes perfectly with printing and preparing files for it. It is really helpful and effective to use.

You may easily create individual text lines without frames in addition to the paragraph type. To do this, you need to use the Flow Text tool, which can be installed inside any shape, and with Regular Text, you can choose any desired font and its size. Besides, if This free vector graphics software copes perfectly with printing and preparing files for it.

Inkscape’s streaming text won’t be supported outside the program, so you will need to convert it into plain text, for instance, before exporting for web design. Besides, if you copy and paste text from Illustrator or other programs using more sophisticated printing tools, Inkscape can operate on those as well. To fix this, Inkscape uses a “Remove manual kernels” feature that fixes all custom formatting and typically solves the problem.

You will definitely love using this tool!

Easy Editing

Nodes are structures that show how vector graphics are made, and they are with some complex mathematical algorithms and operations. Nodes allow artists and designers to manipulate objects, images, and graphics that are vectorized. Inkscape provides tools for moving nodes and Bezier handles. Bezier handles are for easy movement of nodes. It makes your work easier and efficient as you can take the help of mathematics to make the most out of your skills and valuable time.

Users may insert tons of nods. It allows manipulating many parts of an object and moving its edges in various ways. Meanwhile, if a tool is chosen to make the selected node symmetrical, it will let users pull out one side of the handle and the other side – to scale accordingly.

Vector Managing Tool

Inkscape provides many full-featured and well-designed tools for creating, editing, and converting vectors within seconds. If you know the simple basics of designing, it won’t take you much time to get use to this software. If you have what it takes to be a good designer, you are definitely going to create masterpieces using this software. It just needs some patience and creativity. 

Each of the tools has a separate settings window, which greatly simplifies the work without cluttering the interface. In addition to the tools, you will feel satisfy with the ability of this vector design software to create or download ready-made plug-ins. The tools include spiral, paint bucket, brush, pencil, and airbrush.

Inkscape Graphic Design Software

Filters and Effects

When testing the program for my Inkscape review, I have seen that it keeps up with the trends and provides the user with about 20 different preset categories of filters that can be used. You will be fascinated to look at the range of a variety of filters and effects that it has. With their help, you may convert text to Braille, create several types of barcodes or grids, generate a calendar, and more in one click.


In Conclusion, considering the huge number of downloads, we can consider it as one of the most useful software for graphic design. If you are willing to be a successful graphic designer, you should definitely try this out. 

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Happy Editing!

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