The drastic rise of video content produced by so many famous brands and websites is quite noticeable. Video content is becoming crucial to social algorithms; thus, engaging video content should be essential for your social marketing strategy. So, if you want to learn how to viral youtube shorts then you need to take a look at this article.

Creating good quality content on YouTube is tough nowadays because of the growing potential of talented content creators. YouTube has a new factor called “YouTube Shorts” to help creators reach a more significant audience. It is the latest feature that YouTube has added for their fellow content creators, which allows them to upload a video clip of sixty seconds or less. 

A short video with content with which your audience isn’t engaging enough can negatively impact your number of views and YouTube channel.

Here are some tips to know about how to viral your YouTube shorts:

Keep the time limit in mind

YouTube lets the Shorts be 60 seconds maximum and not a second more, but YouTube suggests you keep the duration 15 seconds or less. There are several things you should follow to make your videos viral:

  • YouTube lets the user upload Shorts videos of 60 seconds or less.
  • The Shorts camera allows the creator to shoot a video of 15 seconds at most.

Hence it would be best to keep these in mind because the strategy is to keep the videos that are 15 seconds or less. This strategy will help to attract your target audience and bring more views to your videos. It is because videos of 60 seconds often fail to hold the attention of your audience. Hence they lose interest and might skip it in the middle. This may lead to lesser views in your videos which does not fit the criteria of YouTube algorithms. Thus, you are recommended to upload or shoot a 15-second long video on YouTube Shorts.

Give it enough time

YouTube determines the audience of your shorts based on your video performance. It might not be that comfortable for the audience when YouTube rolls it out as your viewers may not be used to it, which results in a negative impact, and this leads your video to not being showcased on the Shorts shelf. However, with time, YouTube gives you a chance by testing your content with different types of audiences, and it might change depending on the choices of the current audience. Thus, YouTube will take it as a positive impact and might put your content on the Shorts shelf. It proves that you have to show your worth every time it comes to content, and your audience will support you for hard work because good quality content never goes unnoticed.

Put the correct hashtag.

The hashtag for the Shorts video on YouTube is #shorts. Many content creators make the mistake of putting the wrong hashtag in their videos. The most common one is the #short, and this may prevent your video from going viral. Hashtags are very powerful, and sometimes it blows up your videos if you use them correctly. Using the right hashtag, i.e., #shorts, would help the YouTube algorithm determine the content as a YouTube Shorts and not a regular video. Getting your content selected by the YouTube algorithm enables you to reach a vast audience. Hence, we recommend you to use the hashtags correctly while uploading or making your YouTube Shorts video. 

Edit your video carefully.

Since the time limit of Shorts is minimal, you must keep the viewers engaged and hold their attention during the whole video. Take some help from external editing software to edit your videos and make sure to leave your audience amazed.

Thus, YouTube Shorts is an excellent way for smaller channels to gain a massive audience with significantly less or almost no effort. It will only take a few minutes or half an hour maximum to shoot and edit the videos, and the potential pay-off is enormous. Even if you follow all these steps, you still have to wait for your video to go viral patiently, and you also have to post content regularly.

Trust is crucial in the social marketing world. If your audience doesn’t trust you, they would never watch your video content. And stamping the HubSpot brand on the video doesn’t automatically authenticate its points.

 how to viral youtube shorts

Watermark your YouTube Shorts

Another thing your YouTube video shorts can involve is watermarking your videos. These watermarks are constantly visible on the videos, unlike the one that disappears without light. Watermarks can be more or less transparent depending on taste and purpose, but you won’t want them to cover the main content.

Make Shorts related to your daily content.

Your subscribers are the first people to connect with your videos, be it Shorts or your regular video content. Your existing audience base still values your content because your videos cover their interests, and they enjoy it. Hence, making such content will increase your audience base because your existing viewers will reshare your content. After all, they have been able to relate to your content. It will lead you to a higher chance of getting showcased on the Shorts shelf. Regularity and patience will bring you viewers, and you have to keep up with it as this shows the consistency of your brand.


Your YouTube channel or your video shorts will not blow up in one night, so you must be patient.

Maintain regularity to create quality content, and as time passes, you will realize what type of content attracts more interaction with your viewers. You have to make such content to relate to your video, and the viewer often reshares relatable content with their friends and family.

In Conclusion

YouTube is undoubtedly a platform you should take seriously because if you become famous on YouTube, you have a very bright future waiting ahead of you. It has made many YouTubers successful who started with only a hundred followers. So working hard will help you to reach your goal. I hope my article has all the information on how to viral YouTube shorts.

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