Best Youtube Video Editing Apps

If you are looking to start a YouTube channel and upload videos, you need a few things first. Apart from the video recording device, such as your smartphone or camera, you will also need software and video editing applications. I have registered eight best video editing software and applications for YouTube. With the help of this video editing tool, you can create content and reach your destination. Let’s look at some of the youtube video editing apps.

Without a reliable editor for YouTube videos, you will have trouble making a profound adjustment to your video. You might be okay with the basic editing provided by YouTube, but some projects need heavier care. Fortunately, there are many alternative editing applications for YouTube. Among all video editing software out there, there are many free ones, and it is an excellent program to edit YouTube videos, in particular.

These programs allow you to do all kinds of things to your video: Add text, join the Overlay clip, make a fade effect, import music, delete unwanted video parts, Show watermarks, and more. Here am enlisting some video editing apps which will help you to come with some best result.

1)Windows movie maker

Windows movie maker software is designed by Microsoft to edit videos. You can edit and publish your videos using this. It will enhance your overall editing experience. It has many transitions, effects, and titles to help adjust videos.


  • The main advantage of using this software program is available for free.
  • This video editor for YouTube is easy to learn for beginners.
  • This video editing tool offers various editing devices and functions and slide devices that are perfect for photos.


  • When you choose this program, hope to enjoy limitations on the number of features.
  • This video editing tool is not suitable for advanced users.
  • It tends to crash, so it is not reliable enough.


Suppose you are only interested in a quick editor for your YouTube video. It lives entirely online, so it doesn’t need download software. Plus, it can’t be easier to use.

This free video editor for YouTube videos will not produce HD video, but it exports to MP4 and receives audio, video, and image.

Here are some other highlights:

  • Create VoiceOver just by entering text
  • Change any video clip speed
  • Change the size or piece of the video to fit the screen
  • Rotate and turn the video
  • Choose from around a dozen filters
  • Fade in and out video/audio files
  • Use the transition between files

You can add content by uploading files to the Clipchamp website from your mobile or computer, importing it from the box or Google Drive, or recording your screen or webcam. Drag them to the timeline to set the file and cut what you don’t need.


This is the same as iMovie, but only for Windows. If you are looking for a complete video editing tool and features for Windows 10, then you must try the filmmaker. You can use it to make your video. It offers similar features and ease of use.

Movie Maker is available for download from Microsoft Store. This application is free to download, but you can pay for an upgrade. However, I would recommend staying with a free version because it is more than enough for basic video editing. Again, an excellent free video editing application to start your YouTube career.

4)YouTube Video Editor 

This free YouTube video editor makes it possible to facilitate video file adjustments through special tools and effects. Please choose the right combination of those who fit your video editing. Also, this program helps cut video size.


  • Easy to learn and user-friendly¬†¬†
  • This video editing tool functions at high speed are available for free and adds music to the video.


  • Availability for free means this program is equipped with limits on several features.
  • You will only enjoy basic features.
Youtube Video Editing Apps

5)Final Cut Pro X

Now, let’s talk about big kids. Pro X Final Cut X is the latest in the final piece series Pro, and maybe the best video editing tool. This offers some advanced features. If you have made a video for a while now, then it might be time to try a powerful tool to improve the video.

It also takes advantage of Mac-specific features such as movement, metal graphics fire, touch bars, etc., available on the MacBook Pro, and others to provide a better user experience. This is an expensive business, so I suggest you see this only when you become an intermediary in editing the video.

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