Wedding Photography Money Shots and How to Light Them

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Wedding Photography Money Shots and How to Light Them: Each work, enthusiasm, and leisure activity has a couple of key parts to dominate before you can begin to develop and push toward progress. Regardless of whether you’re a performer learning the essentials of music hypothesis or a legal counselor concentrating on significant legal disputes and choices, it’s important to comprehend the central ideas so you can expand upon them.

Photography is the same. All things considered, numerous creatives run into a similar issue after they get the nuts and bolts down on how to make yourself interesting. Assuming you ask CreativeLive teacher Scott Robert Lim, there is a simple recipe for that. By rehearsing and testing, Lim immediately transformed himself into an honor-winning wedding picture taker by fostering a couple of must-have pictures at each wedding.

Observing these pictures, which he has named his ‘Money Shots,’ isn’t only an incredible method for making your own style, yet it is likewise a way for you to realize what pictures to catch before you even begin work that day.

One component that can truly separate your ‘Money Shot’ from the pack is lighting. Likewise, with any picture, lighting is one of the main parts that can totally change the photo. Various circumstances call for lighting in their own, one-of-a-kind ways, and figuring out how to control the lighting in your picture can permit you to make your own style. So how does Scott Robert light his ‘Money Shots’?

Marriage Dress:

One must-have picture in a wedding collection is the performance dress shot. Scott Robert’s ‘Cash Shot’ is hanging the dress against a solid backdrop illumination, utilizing over-openness to make a streaming look. By placing the dress before a decent, normal light source, you can add marvelous, dream-like characteristics to the dress and make the picture essential.

Marriage Dress
Marriage Dress

One Ring :

Similarly, as with any picture, it is essential to see as great normal light. However, when shooting the wedding bands, Scott Robert centers around the subtleties. Since rings are so complicatedly planned, it is essential to get very close to getting the subtleties as a whole. Scott Robert suggests utilizing a video light, either as a backdrop illumination or a surface to lay the rings on.



Marriage shoes are a well-known subject for pictures in wedding collections. Scott Robert recommends shooting the shoes all alone, or as the lady of the hour is claiming to place them on. In the two situations, utilizing a video light can serve one of two fundamental capacities. It can either be utilized to rapidly make a sensational light source, or it tends to be utilized to fill in light and lessen shadows on the article.

Getting the Girls Together:

The lady and her bridesmaids are vital to catching together. Regardless of whether you do this while they are preparing, or while they are having an easygoing discussion, try to catch the compelling feelings. Similarly, as with a lot of his ideas, Scott Robert enjoys a solid illuminated region, which you can over-open as you would prefer. Try to accompany bunches of feeling, as the subjects will generally reflect you straightforwardly.

Bride with bridesmaids posing in hotel or fitting room at the wedding day

Everything no doubt revolves around the Portrait:

One of the main pictures you will catch at a wedding is the Bridal Portrait. However there are various bearings you can head with the representation, yet Scott Robert suggests utilizing a full-length outline profile. Setting your subject against a backdrop illumination and over-uncovering can deliver a wonderful outline. Permitting the regular light in can likewise deliver delicate shadows, which can be utilized to make secret and dramatization. Scott Robert encourages to represent the subject’s nose towards the light source, and the body away from it.

Video light and regular light go very well together. The video light is great to use in high ISO circumstances, while an off-camera streak or a glimmer with an umbrella is best in a low ISO circumstance or outside. Rather than correcting your light source and subject for each picture, Scott Robert proposes you change your situation while leaving your subject fixed. That way, you can see various points and see the various ways that light hits your subject.

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