How to Use Lunapic Online Picture Editor

If you are wondering for an online photo editor on the internet, go for one of the best editors named Lunapic. Lunapic online picture editor provides many tools to edit photos whenever we want. Lunapic is a high-speed and responsive photo editor. If you’re going to edit your photos like an expert, you should try Lunapic online image editor. But before working with it, you should know

How to use Lunapic Online Picture Editor like a professional.

Here, you will know how to crop, print, resize, add text, and draw a picture. It is not easy to operate Lunapic the first time, so before editing a picture, take a look at routes to edit a photo on Lunapic. We can also create an image from scratch on the editor. Lunapic lets users save pictures in any format they want. If you’re going to post any photo directly you are editing; you can also do that on Lunapic.

What is LunaPic?

The internet has become quite slick over the last few years. And “classy taste” in graphic design has never been more attainable. But not everyone wants to use professional photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. There’s a lot of affection out there for the homemade graphics of the earlier time. For cheesy photo effects and simple maximalist compositions. And also, sometimes being antiquated is good, a breath of pure air. This is why LunaPic is popular, seemingly against all odds.

LunaPic is an online photo editor that screams cheap.

It allows users to upload photos, edit and share them. You can create GIF animations, add effects, do photo manipulation, and use the text tool to write. It’s all about making free images that are unique, funny, strange—then sharing them online like social media, Facebook, or Tumblr. The app has a craze following. Its audience alters in two very different ways.

On the one hand, towards aged people who didn’t develop with the internet. People who don’t have the same millennial Tumblr tastes. For them, it’s only a fun thing to tool all over with. Then there is the younger group. For one, because the site is easy to use and has a welcoming look. It is very “anti-aesthetic.” As a result, it’s hospitable for kids. Then there’s the utter messiness of what you are willing to do. The type of kid who rejects to color inside the lines will have an open day. And it’s exciting training wheels for using a more “grown-up” photo editor later on.

Features of Lunapic

  • Various editing tools
  • Multiple Effects and Filters
  • Different Art effects
  • Rapid upload
  • Post images to Facebook or other platforms
  • Multiple Image Formats

LunaPic Picture Editor

LunaPic’s free online photo editor is straightforward. It’s browser-based, so no need to install anything. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or whatever other browsers you use are acceptable. There’s an “Upload” button on the home screen. Click this to upload your picture. A broad range of file types can be uploaded, from BMP to AVI. After that, you can get to work.

If you don’t go to the homepage every time to start creating, there’s also a Google Chrome Extension. It attaches “Edit image with LunaPic” to your right-click program. That way, you can automate the procedure of uploading and skip a move.

You can add words; there’s a ton variety of fonts. Colors can also be changed and words rotated. You can find art effects too. These are all around the place, from pen and sketch filters to Picasso and watercolor. Not to mention “Dream.” This filter mimicks how some people may or may not see shapes and colors while unconscious—wild stuff. You can convert AVI files into GIFs as well. Just ensure to trim and compress the video. Lunapic Online Picture Editor can’t handle huge video files. You can resize pictures on command. Then export your creation as PNG, JPG, or GIF. Present them on Imgur for free, save them to your device or post them to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Photos.

How to use Lunapic Online Photo Editor

How to upload an Image to Lunapic

To edit any image, you have first to upload the photo on the lunapic website

  • Open the Website
  • Then import the image from your pc
  • Wait for some time

How to Resize an Image

After Uploading the picture, you can resize the photo according to the resolution that you need. It is an effortless task to do.

  • To resize a photo, click on the Scale icon.
  • And give the precise Width and height or adjust the size from the Bar.
  • After filling in Width and Height, tap on Apply Scaling.

Similarly, you can change the file type, picture quality, number of frames of the picture. You can also make the file size of the image.

How to Crop, Cut, trim

To do the Trim, crop, cut, or other function, you need to use the tools located on the left side.

  • Click on the Scissor


  • Now select the shape of the tool between rectangle, circle, Polygon, or Magic wand.
  • Then select the area to operate.
  • After selecting the area, tap on the operation that you want.
  • Then save the picture.

How to make Transparent background

You can add Transparency to the objects of the images. It is beneficial when you want to make GIF-type images.

  • Tap on the Edit option
  • Then choose Transparent Background from options
  • You can select the transparent tool as you want or click on the background to make the background transparent.
  • If you want to modify the Threshold of Transparency, you can do it by gliding the Bar.
  • After modifying the threshold, tap on Apply threshold

Lunapic online image editor is full of features that you can execute to edit your images. Here, we can’t guide each feature. You can also use features like effects, animation, Filters, Arts, borders, and more. Just follow the options that are provided on the Lunapic website. You can create incredible images with Lunapic without wasting any time.

The most significant advantage of Lunapic online photo editor is we don’t need any software to edit photos. I hope you have found that you were looking. If you still have any questions about Lunapic, you can ask using the comment section or Live Chat.

Is LunaPic safe?

Maybe you think if Lunapic Online Picture Editor has some security questions because of its out-of-time aesthetic. No worries, though, you can relax. LunaPic holds a 4.5-star rating on World of Trust. So yes, the website is safe. Users have not complained of any adware or spyware. If you use an ad blockade, you’ll also see the app website isn’t filled with ad trackers. And you don’t need to download software to use the platform, so there are no risks with porting folders to your device. The “LunaPic Right Click Edit” Chrome Addition also has no privacy problem reported.

Graphic design is a thriving field. There are so many minimalist design apps surrounded by so many options; it makes sense to desire something that looks homemade. LunaPic is favored because it bucks contemporary trends.

It’s a bit like a modern-day Bling. For those who weren’t introduced back then, Blingee was an attachment of the MySpace time in the mid-2000s. Or, going even way back to the 90s, LunaPic would be compared to GIMP. The bottom line is editing pictures is an art. And more or less, everyone wants their art to be high-brow or clean. Sometimes people wish to sparkle and sunsets. Giant, diagonally rotated titles in Comic Sans font. Messy picture collages with red, green, and blue color blocking. For those who have graduated from a school of good taste to find all this super fun, and yes, it is. But the human need for cheap and chaos is quite profound—it goes well beyond surface satire. It’s why we send crazy stickers on Messenger. We need a tiny dab of LunaPic.

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