Learn How To Use VSCO App For Free

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VSCO is a world-popular photo editing along with a media sharing tool. The free version of the app gives users easy access to all the standard editing alterations, likely white balance, exposure, contrast, and a sampling of the image presets. It allows the users to scroll and test their pictures themselves. Also, they can make use of the “for this photo” feature, which displays a set of suggested edits for each specific capture. The unpaid version also gives the users the freedom to search and explore others’ photos and seek new ideas from popular portfolios. They include some popular collections like that of “summer,” “editorial,” “humankind,” and to name a few of them. Once you are completed with your editing, you can share your images and videos to the app’s feed or any of your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram right from the platform.

A paid membership license allows users access to more than 170 edits and sophisticated editing tools that generally include editing tools for videos, pictures, and vintage film re-creations. Taking a membership also opens the door to a wider world to photo challenges, tutorials, and editing apps. User’s edited photos are sorted and put into their personal studio. They can also develop a journal story, which allows them to tell a story with a collection of their favorite clicks.

How To Use VSCO App

Along with editing photos and creating brand new content, kids and users can communicate with other users directly if they follow each other mutually. VSCO users can follow other popular members to consistently keep an eye on their feed and communicate with them through private messaging. This tool is popular worldwide for its artistic self-expression, uniqueness, and inspiration to others. The material posted here represents diverse interests, points of view, and creativity. It even allows the report feature to keep an eye on any kind of content that isn’t suitable.


Some of the good bits of the VSCO App is listed here

  • The VSCO app is a comprehensive editing tool that promotes unique and brand-new content and allows communication with other creative members. 
  • VSCO’s versatility is its major highlight using which users can edit and put up pictures or video and take an upper hand in the social elements.
  • It has a unique feed is a collection of professional photoshoot images, editorials, and creative images. It is better featured than Instagram, and there’s the main focus on the editing tool feature
  •  The edit options available for each photograph are funny and cool. Also, it makes it especially easy for you if you are new to editing.
how to use VSCO app for free


Likewise, with any other tool that posses a separate social media subdivision, there are some features and points that parents need to be aware of or careful of. The positive news is that devoid of public comments, likes, or follower counts. This app rejects any amount of social media toxicity from its equation. However, the app can collect and share location data unless it is turned off from the settings; hence, kids sharing their images get shared with a tag of their location. While some of the components like images, likes, captions, and followers are public information access, the direct messaging feature adds a separate private component. That allows users to talk with other members without any oversight.  It is also available with the report post facility if certain specific searches surface any kind of inappropriate images like that of marijuana and alcohol. While users can always report inappropriate material for easy removal. Its unlikely pictures like that might often strike parents as problematic that would be removed since the app is really designed for adults.


Vsco’s user interface often gets criticized for being inadequate in this highly competitive market. Sometimes, there are reports that reveal that it is not an easy job to navigate through the app. Hence, navigating and using the app with its total features takes a bit of time and trial and error.


Despite all of its drawbacks and flaws, VSCO is a robust editing tool for all the teens out there. Users often discover that the features available in the free version are enough to create unique and beautiful images.

However, some factors regarding conversations with other people and messaging make this app really handy. In addition, it has a solid parental oversight feature. Teenagers who pursue photography as their passion or aspire to be successful photographers. Or digital content creators will likely enjoy the  VSCO app and seek inspiration from the work posted by the community. 

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