Good Free Photo Editing Apps 2020

If you are running a business, this may mean that you can create a great visual strategy, professionally displaying your products by simply using your mobile phone application. A Good Free Photo Editing Apps is specially designed for editing pictures on mobile devices or your personal computer. 

These apps offer a wide range of diverse features starting from cropping to adding filters. You can also find photo editing apps that let you create collages or create automatic settings for various scenarios. 

When looking to improve the visual side of your business, you can do so much with the photo editing apps we are going to list below. This article will include some very good free editing apps.

Good Free Photo Editing Apps

One of the people’s favorites is an online image resizer, called The company has a straightforward application in the form of a website. It involves a process to resize images online within a few seconds. One of the coolest features is the ability to export your newly sized image into a completely different format. is the easiest to use. You simply drag and drop your images into the box on the home page. 

Then you can select how you want to resize your image (by width, by height, custom size, by percentage, or by the largest side of the image). You can also compress your image for quality assurance. Then, just pick your required file format (jpg, png, or web). Once done, hit the save button, and your new image is saved to your computer. 

Voila! All done. No frills but also no hassles!

Unfortunately, this online service does not have any additional photo editing capabilities like basic color corrections. It can only do resizing.

But hey! It’s free, and we like free and simple!

If you resize your images and photos regularly, we highly recommend adding the Resizing extension to your Google Chrome. It is also entirely free.

No registration required!

Finally, Summing up the special features:

  • Resizing by width, by height, custom size, by percentage, and by the largest side of the image
  • Compressing an image
  • Cropping an image
  • Converting an image to JPEG, PNG, WEBP with ease
  • Optimizing a picture to make it better.


Another app we should mention when looking for the best free photo editor is inPixio. 

In customer reviews, inPixio earns pretty high marks in terms of usability, features, support, speed, and pricing. It has got some fantastic tools to fix basic errors like perspective (straighten buildings), image correction, and de-haze. You can even edit the metadata right within the app to add headlines, captions, and copyright, or some other details.

inPixio also offers you a free tool to remove the background from an image. It works pretty well with precision if the photo has a clear color contrast between what you want to remove and what you want to keep. 

inPixio is fun to use as a beginner. Although it may not rank as the best free photo editor on the block, it is worth checking out. It provides you with a lot of tools completely free of cost.

To purchase the full program, you have to select either the inPixio Photo Studio 10 for $49.99 or the inPixio Photo Studio Professional version for $59.99. The price is for the full software you can install and use on your Mac or Windows PC. I will recommend not buying it, and making the best out of the great free tools.

Special Features:

  • Eraser
  • Correction Patch
  • Cloning stamp
  • Cutter
  • Retouching and Correction
  • Perspective correction
  • Film grain module
Good Free Photo Editing Apps


PhotoScape was specially designed for the beginner, but don’t let that fool you. It is a full-packed powerhouse of features and functionalities. 

Although the interface of PhotoScape is a bit clumsy, the tools are perfectly solid for use. Along with retouching features, you can easily add filters to your images, create animated GIFs, batch edit photos, create slideshows, and more using dozens of free templates. The list of extensive features is impressive for a free photo editor app, and it just goes on and on!

PhotoScape also gives you the ability to create stunning images with access to multiple tools at the same time. Enhancing your photos becomes more convenient and easier in this software. You won’t be disappointed by a single feature that it doesn’t deliver. It has all your basic features along with some more advanced ones such as Batch Processing, Font pairing, and Digital Art.

 Special Features:

  • Viewer
  • Editor
  • Batch Editor
  • Page
  • Combine
  • Animated GIF
  • Print
  • Splitter
  • Screen Capture
  • Color Picker
  • Rename
  • Raw Converter
  • Paper Print
  • Face Search

Paint.Net started as a built-in program on the Windows platform and gradually evolved into its standalone photo editing software with an innovative user interface that supports many features. 

This photo editor can be extended through plug-ins to give a wide variety to what the photo editor app can do. It is a pretty basic application with simple controls.

While it provides a clean layout and powerful tools, this program is not for beginners. Beginners may feel uncomfortable working with it as its interface isn’t much attractive. It boasts of a main working window with the tools corralled into their movable windows. 

The program uses layers to keep everything organized. It lacks some features but works great for most of the users.

Free Photo Editing Apps 2020


I hope you benefited from this article. Read our other articles to find out the best suitable photo editing software for you.

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Happy Editing!

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