3 Best Apps to start this New Year

If the user is frequently active on social media, then they might have noticed that New year edits have already entered into the trending list. There are varieties of frames and stickers that have been in trending, which totally suits the vibe of your party pictures to make them jazzed up enough for your memory albums. You might not find any super unique app in this list, but I’m sure you are still going to get surprised by the unnoticed features that these apps offer which can make your Festive Photos look amazing and to be able to catch the eye of the public.

And the best part is these apps doesn’t have any categorization or prioritization over the device you are using, which makes it very easy for all those mobile photographers to work well and instantly without thinking twice about the device to use for post-production. So by now you already have understood that these are easily accessed through phone and doesn’t really need a laptop.

So, without any delay, let’s jump into the core contents of this article :


let’s start with the most relevant options that you can get,

You can get this feature from the sticker section, you can search for any sticker option such as a party background, a flashy backdrop which might contain sequins, frills, confetti or anything that can glam up your New Year pictures.

Stickers are the files that can be applied on top of other pictures. This app comes with a variety of stickers and a wide range of choices such as some cool stickers effects like fake bokeh, Smoke or smoke bombs, color splashes, wings, backdrop ideas, hearts, and funny emojis.

You can find PicsArt Photo Studio app easily on any app store, and the best part is this app is available for free download on both Androids and iPhones. But there is just a slight change in it’s name. when you are searching for this app on Android Play store, you have to find it as “PicsArt Photo Studio” while when you are searching for this app on iPhone App Store, you will get it as “PicsArt Photo Editor and Collage”.

Another famous use of PicsArt Stickers is applying wings and emojis to photos. if you want to add wings, choose the sticker and put it around the person or your subject. If you want to erase unwanted areas around the main subject like it’s clothing and body, you can use the Eraser tool. PicsArt comes with lots of fun sticker options to add fun elements to photos.

Then exit out and open a new image that you want to use as the new background. Go to stickers and your cutout person should be saved under My Stickers.


This app is an online picture editing application. As per the latest update, users can use this app for free: whether it’s for companies or Individuals.  If we are talking about the favourite app for most of the artists and content creators, Pixlr is the best to choose. The user can download it for free from any website as it is available everywhere. It absolutely doesn’t matter what kind of device you are using, you just need a good internet connection. You just go to your file manager and just open your desired image file from the list and import it in the app to apply further edits. Moreover, images that you edit on Pixlr are managed in private. Also, just so that you can sit back and be rest assured, Pixlr promises not to sneak in any copy of the images edited by the users into their system without their permission.

The main features of pixlr are : Layers, Effects, Brushes and Color Replace , Photo Collage, Magic Wand, Digital Painting and Inking.

Let’s start with their benefits now,

Free and Safe

Pixlr, for now, is free. There is also no indication that the company will charge users soon. It is a legitimate site that does not engage in fraudulent activities or perpetuate any hidden charges. The images that you edit or make on Pixlr are also free for commercial use. For freelance artists and small businesses, this is the perfect starter app. For enterprises with content creators in the field, it is good to let employees know about Pixlr’s no-cost offer.

Versatile and Lightweight

Any browser can access Pixlr. Users can access the image editing suite regardless of device type and operating system. If you are on Mac, Windows, or Linux using Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Chrome, Pixlr is available at your disposal. All you need to have is a Flash plug-in.

If you are on mobile using iOS or Android, you can download the native apps. They do not take much of space and memory. It is a true lightweight app that packs a punch when it comes to functionality. 

Quick Fix

Pixlr is known for being the lightweight app that packs so many editing tools and functionalities at no cost. But, maybe, more importantly, it also includes many tools for quick fixes. This is something essential for people on the go or those that just need minor adjustments. Just open your browser on any device and apply touch-ups. You do not have to open your laptop or go to your desktop for simple needs.

For those who are not well experienced in image editing, these quick fixes also allow them to manipulate their photos with a professional feel.

INSTAGRAM for New Year Edits

let’s take teh first step with an amazing picture, While picture editing apps can really enhance your photos.

If you want your audience to like your content and follow you on Instagram, you must upload your only best shots that can catch anybody’s eye in an instant.

So how do you know if the picture you are about to post is worth sharing on instagram or not?

Let’s start with the first, the pictures should be well focused and have adequete amount of sharpness so that the quality doesn’t get ruined after you post it. Because sometimes the pictures tend to get grainy or blurred, which is pretty annoying.

While lighting and color problems can often be fixed in post-processing, a photo that’s extremely under-exposed (far too dark) or over-exposed (far too bright) is unlikely to work.

Instagram is one of those apps which has become the final boundary of brands, being the center of focus on the social media as per what the reports are saying.

There are more than 100 billions of accounts that daily use the Instagram STORY feature and create enormous and creative story arts. As per the recent records, Instagram Story Arts has become the sensational trend for all the social media geeks. now a days, people use Photo Editing Apps but not as much as they use to use previously. You want to know why? Because Instagram comes with it’s own editing package. where you can find different kind of stickers, add photo options and even fun GIFS, which you can use to make your story look extremely aesthetic. And to add that extra glam to your new year pictures, you must use the latest and trending stickers on your story so that through those stickers,

your account gets more and more reach and engagement for other people to discover and appreciate while gently hitting the follow button on your profile.

They are a great tactics if you don’t want to post something to stay on your profile permanently or let’s say more than a day. Plus, they have tons of features like GIFs, many varieties of stickers, hashtags, and many other fun add-ons.

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