Best video editing apps for Instagram reels

Who’ll not like to show off their skills in Video editing? Rolls, camera, and action! All are okay while shooting a video, but what about the Video Editing? I got you in this. Creating amazing content on Instagram Reels has taken a huge toll around the globe. Everyone is enjoying a taste of this trend so why shouldn’t you too? Grab a pen and paper and sit back while reading all the tricks of this amazing platform and the features.

Here’s a list of some trend setting video editing apps that will surely help you explore the Reels section by creating jaw dropping transitions and other creative content


Ever heard of an Video Editing app that can wear all the hats and work so efficiently and professionally that you would want to use it again and again? Well for me, it is definitely Inshot.

An Video Editing app with near to all possible features to make your video look not just eye catching but excessively engaging. Starting from the Filters, Color Corrections, Effects, Transition Effects, frame Adjustments under Canvas, Music in the background, Stickers, Texts, Clip Reversals or duplications and what not.

More or less, every Influencer’s go to app is Inshot for its super easy features and their accessibilities. The new feature of this year is PIP and applying PNG photos under stickers. The most famous Gen-Z trend on Instagram reels that is Cloning effect can be easily achieved by the PIP feature in this application.

The updated version of this Video Editing app comes up with some exciting Fonts as well that can create that spark in your videos even if it is a boring one. And last but not the least, this app comes up with the feature of applying PNG photos such as logos, names, tags on your videos under the stickers option and the finishing is too good to be caught.

Next is our,


If you are a fan of those image shaking effects that you watched on TikTok, then quickly checkout this Video Editing app called VN, easily accessible on Androids and IOS.

This app comes up with some cool clip shaking effects that are quite famous on TikTok. And you can now apply them on your Instagram reels as well. Look for those cool text Fonts to make your work look fun. Here you can add animation to your subtitles too. VN offers you the benefit of speed adjustments by using the speed curve, where you can just pull up or pull down to adjust the speed of the selected clips in one go instead of continuous splitting and altering the speed. How cool is that? It makes your work smooth like butter. It also comes with the feature of zoom in and zoom out in the video, creating a very cinematic vibe.

Mostly goes well in editorial videos or fashion videos where everything is all about creating a cinematic feel and make it more appealing to your followers or viewers. After completion of your edit, you will have to save your edited file by clicking on Export and set the configurations for best quality videos saved.

Well are you looking for something more vivid and detailed then check the next one out?


Another favorite Video Editing app for the Influencers and Bloggers on Instagram, which is VITA. An app with more amazing features where you won’t be able to control yourself from exploring all the features and filters it provides. How cool this Video Editing App is ?

This Video Editing app literally screams EDIT LIKE A PRO! It comes up with features like voice effects, where you can use different kinds of voice templates already provided or you can record your own personalized voice clips and apply them on your videos to give it more customizations. You can handcraft your clips by inserting design texts with animations and more. Best used with the stickers too where they can go hand in hand with the animated subtitles. Likewise VN, this app comes up with a more detailed and efficient features in the area of zoom ins and zoom outs, where you can you split, select and move your key frame in an expanding or collapsing way with the use of your two fingers to bring out the cinematic zoom ins and zoom outs effects. Once you are done with the part, simply click on the minus sign to be done with the edit and move to the next one. You can’t leave here; your video might need some cooler eye catchy effects for which the face effects or the background effects under the Effect section are at rescue.  

You can also use the available video templates if you are confused to create your own one, which is totally okay! Next, after completion of your video, you can save your file in the best quality as VITA supports Full HD videos to be exported.

I understand that you want to stay updated with the trending transition reels, for which the next one is the answer to your curiosity,


This app is the trend setter for most of the trending reels that you watch on Instagram. If you are also a fashion influencer and want to create videos with a runway walk in it, or showing your style with a clone standing adjacent to you then you should definitely check this out!

CapCut comes with three best features that are quite riding the trend right now,

1. Loop: All those videos where you can see the person is walking wearing garments and giving a very look book kind of vibe as if you as a viewer is sitting on the front row and watching the models walk by. You can edit this under the clone effect but by adjusting the frame and keeping two clips in a single clip to make it look attached or in a loop. It can be a little hassle in the beginning but it will be worth it.

2. Clone: In this feature, you can create a clone of yourself or your subject and make it look like a real clone. It is a fun effect where your videos would look very creative even if the topic is very simple. Just add one clip on top of another clip and then merge the both by keeping the frame in the middle or drag it to the part where the merging would look smooth instead of crispy.

3. 3D Effect:  A trend has emerged on the reels where you can add a 3D effect on your static images to give it a momentum. Cool right? Now your images can have an illusion of a moving background or can have a Dolly Effect.

And last but not the least; you can save your edited file very easily after you are done!

I know creating creative content can be tempting and once you get into this business, trust me, there is no going back. The best way to get a taste is explore and explore to the core. With these amazing Video Editing Apps, you can also create videos just like your favorite Blogger and Influencers. And if you’ve read it till here, what’s stopping you to step a foot in this business? Hurry up and ride the wave.

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