Best Selfie Apps For IOS And Android

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Selfie a trend that started a few years ago and has then covered the entire earth with haste and even space! Do you know the first space selfie was taken by Buzz Aldrin during the gemini12 mission in 1996 and surely, we have come a long way forward till now? In recent times many apps were launched on android and iOS for enhancing your beauty in the selfies and surely making them Instagram worthy. so let us have a look at some of these trending best selfie apps for IOS and Android.


The popularity of this app is rising faster than the Covid-19 cases these days. This platform lets you take photos and videos using various filters and bitmojis and share them along with your contacts and even upload them on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The craze for the dog filter and many other amazing features has skyrocketed.

Rating- 4.3


If you are a person who likes to choose then this app is surely for you. With the plethora of features to use from ranging from easy-to-use beauty plus selfie camera to professional skin makeup editing tools and the option to make a collage using different pictures, this app is surely going to bring out the master photographer in you.

Rating – 4.2


This app is a very user-friendly one with easy-to-use filters that is sure filters. This app also has some paid features which you can buy inside the app. You also have options to make gifs here and many other added features which have led to more than 100 million-plus downloads of it worldwide.

Rating – 4.4

4. B612

If you are a fan of sunny and amazing stickers then this app is a must-have on your phone. Here you get a variety of options like real makeup, body edit, adjustments, video editing, and many more. This app has become a hotshot in the market due to its wonderful auto enhancing ability and the amazing results it delivers.

Rating- 4.3


Again, one of the best apps in the market if you want a quick edit. It helps you to correct your skin with its built-in retouching and makeup tools. It also provides tools for correcting your background like shadow problems. Also, the feature to preview your photo and compare it with the unedited one just adds Cherie to the top.

Rating- 3.8


This tool doesn’t provide you with many filters and editing tools but it’s sure to compensate with its great editing tools. It has quite a buzz among models and photographers because of the various effects it provides. It also adds on features to adjust brightness, contrast, and many other parameters of your photo. The only disadvantage that this app comes with is that its free version is available for trial for 7 days only thereafter which you will have to buy the premium version.


Another hotshot in the list and is sure to be in the app list of many these days. Especially girls are a great fan of this app because of the aesthetic filters it provides. The vintage filter of this app is one of its kind. It also provides drag selection and to increase its user base it is available in more than 12 languages. Recently it also released a premium pack that gives add-on features like import photos, autosave, remove adds, etc. which makes this app even better.

Rating – 4.3


The popularity of this app though not famous is slowly increasing and is sure to rise because it provides some very unique features which include making up your own filter letting you share your designs with your friends. It allows you to use your creativity in a good way to make yourself look good and do all the smart selections you need for your perfect edit. The productivity of this app is hugely boosted by introducing A. I object segmentation and face detection in it and makes it a lot more user friendly. Rating – 3.7

Best Selfie Apps For IOS And Android

9. 1998 CAM

Vintage things are everyone’s favorite because it has many memories and stories attached to it. Just like vintage cars this app is sure to take you down your memory lane by providing your pics a vintage look. It has a wide range of aesthetic filters to choose from being it retro, black and white, or portrait. It also gives a cool realistic 3D effect and many other advanced photo and video editing tools like crop, skew, straightening, and many others. Also, the biggest bundle of joy is that you get all these features for free.

Rating- 4.6


It is an easy-to-use app that fits very well in the selfie genre as it allows you to create your perfect pic by using its many tools. You can change your looks by fixing your skin tone, enlarge your eyes, narrow your nose, or even have a complete makeover by using its full treatment feature. The latest update includes premium features like smooth 2.0 to smooth out skin imperfections.

Rating- 4.7

11. CAMERA360

Another classic editing app that again lets you choose from its plethora of features which includes smooth skin, small face, shaping up your body and face, and many more. It surely stands up on its tag line which says “A camera app that lets you be who you really want to be”. Its carton feature and anime effect are sure to bring out the child in you and is sure a people favorite with over 1 billion downloads.



This app is surely one of the best beauty cameras plus selfie editing app which you can find in the market. It has all the photo editing tools you require like face touch-up, camera filters, fonts, stickers, and whatnot. Just turn on this app take a selfie and let this app do wonders for you. It also lets you have a premium version that has 1000+ effects, frames, and filters to choose from. All this fantastic feature has led to 300 million downloads of this app and these numbers are sure to rise in the future.



Taking up selfies and sharing with your friends has become the millennial way of socializing and if you really want to take one then it should be the perfect selfie you need and that is the reason for so many beauty apps to pop up in the market and make their way to everyone’s phone. Now with a great list to choose the best apps from you have a weapon in your hand to show that one girl in your group that yes even I can take great selfies! Study shows that posting a perfect picture stimulates positive chemistry in your mind and helps you cope up with the social pressure. So with these many advantages now you are sure of how to spend your remaining lockdown at home.

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