10 YouTube Thumbnail Design Ideas

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Many times we have come with an idea about how to start a YouTube channel and make money. Now, we will let you know everything in detail about Youtube thumbnails. Thumbnails are the most critical aspects of gaining more viewers for your channel and bind them to click and enjoy. No doubt, this can help you gain more subscribers on youtube. Let us give you some basic ideas about working with YouTube Thumbnail Design. Before moving forward with it, we present you with brief ideas about what actually youtube thumbnail is?

What do we understand by Youtube thumbnail?

The video thumbnail is the first picture that we view when browsing YouTube videos. Exciting images on the youtube thumbnail gain our attention while a boring picture took away the potential viewers. The thumbnail is a cover photo that represents your video on YouTube. They are the small version of this graph that will appear in recommended videos and other YouTube search areas.

YouTube Thumbnail Design Ideas

1)Make a thumbnail of an appropriate size

Visualization is essential to attract the attention of viewers. Relevant and quality images act as your video demo. This will allows the audience to connect themselves to your brand. Whether you describe a tutorial or advertise a product, you have to think in-depth and develop the appropriate image in all cases. Suppose you want to upload videos related to your technical tool. It’s essential to make visuals accordingly.

2)Use the best font style

If you are finished with the title, now come to the font style. It’s essential to make your audience recognize your brand and content. One of the most acceptable ways to keep the audience’s interest alive is to keep the thumbnail consistent with the same font style. Next, use striking colors and more vital designs. Don’t go with any ordinary font. Use something unique and impressive to gain more attention. It would be best if you had text in your image is to make sure they are big enough so that the viewers can go through the text even when the image shrinks.

3)Use Relevant Pictures

One important rule to always remember when making thumbnails is never to use images irrelevant to your channel or video. Take photos from the video, then apply them to what is more like a graphic image. This option is exceptionally preferred when it comes to Youtube thumbnail images, pictures of people including. Use specially created images that display simple graphics and video titles. Many of these images also show a logo or business name in the lower corner to look discrete.

4)Make your image make eye contact with the viewer

Youtube Thumbnails must have a face image to build a stronger connection with viewers. If the eye is on the display screen, it can succeed in touching your heart and soul. When you share eye contact with visitors, it creates curiosity in the viewer’s heart to explore the video in depth. Also, the eyes are media to communicate and read individual emotions.

5)Do proper use of White Spaces

Do proper use of white space if you want to use a designed image or graph. Meanwhile, your competitor will rise because your video post has attracted viewers faster. After all, they have registered what is around your vlog only in an instant.

YouTube Thumbnail Design

6)Use catchy taglines with your thumbnail

Adding titles to your thumbnail help, viewers identify videos faster in search. If your title style doesn’t change, the title will also give your followers to place your videos besides capturing their attention looking for one of your specific topics. Please don’t overdo it by adding too much text. Only a few readers are enough to increase your video views. Never put more than one concise title. If necessary, you can add a crisp subtitle below it in smaller text.

7)Consistency is the key

Consistency is an essential step in the thumbnail. This allows the audience to understand the concept of your video. There must be consistency in thumbnail design, such as layout, font size & style, color scheme, and other relevant things. By adding your brand, you can show consistency in Youtube thumbnails. If you make a series of video thumbnails, following the same style in all videos will be the best choice.

8)Know about your competitors and analyze them

It would be best to look for your competitors who have the same channel and deal with the same audience. By investigating competitors, you will get information about how many clicks they get. Compare your design, content, title, and scheme with competitors to bring the best on the boat. Last, we are all desperate to know how the maximum we appear. There is no analytic youtube to check clicks. But fortunately, the True View Google ad platform is a form where someone analyzes relative clicks. This is a handy and cost-effective tool.

9)Play with bright color & contrast

Because you have to compete in a long line with many other recommended videos, choose the right color for the thumbnail you will run away in increasing the appearance and clicking your content. Consider these points when developing your thumbnail design. There is various contrast, but here we want to consider color contrast. The color contrast idea will be more deleted to you with an example. Say, high contrast, which means two colors differ and can be black and white. Instead, contrast is low, which means two colors are quite similar and consider this red and orange. Therefore, while choosing colors for thumbnails, try to complementary colors. It’s the opposite of each other on the color wheel. We recommend choosing this because they can oppose each other and show their identity.

10)Use best thumbnail makers

Want to design a fun and exciting thumbnail? There are many online thumbnail makers, accept the most suitable for you. For example, you can try photos, editing photos online, and graphic design tools, which can help you produce high-quality fonts and images to attract visitors.


YouTube Thumbnail Design is one category included in a great YouTube cover, along with banners, icons, and youtube watermarks. While personalized banners can notify viewers about your Vlog content and who you are, the thumbnail will encourage them to watch the video posted. Youtube thumbnail helps the channel get maximum clicks. It attracts the audience to view your content and move forward to view other content available on the channel.

Thumbnail is a small picture that represents your video in a row of Youtube search results. Make unique thumbnails can push higher video display rates. You can do many things with your YouTube thumbnail design that will increase the possibility of being clicked.

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