How To Create Social Media Graphics

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In case you’re a creator, photographic artist, beautician, store proprietor, typographer, designer, or all-around producer, it’s excessively essential to become familiar with the methods of web-based media showcasing. As innovative business people, online media is a successful and moderate approach to advance oneself and one’s products. The key to making a sprinkle with online media advertising is making top rack social media graphics for your goals and brand endorsement. Read the article throughout to know about the best tools which will help you to know how to create social media graphics that can help you out.

If you are responsible for social media for your brand image or product description, making images that look extraordinary must be the central aspect of your responsibility. However, with all rivals, you also strive for social media graphics with pictures. You need to make sure you have a device to work very hard and create images that attract traffic and provides a commitment to viewers.

You don’t need to put a large number of dollars in an expert plan company or even a lot of dollars in programming – there are some phenomenal free platforms available online from which you can start from scratch. These are:


Snappa is another fantastic graphic design tool that makes me very impressed. Using this tool, you can create dynamic images for use for social media channels. It also allows you to design banners for YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, and more.

How to make social media graphics using Snappa:

Select high-resolution images from Snappa.

Add the text image you want.

Delete image background

Change your graph size


Canva is a popular platform for image design. It comes up with hundreds of design templates, images, and illustrations that you want, and the tool stands upright in the competition. Anyone can use this tool to make a beautiful design for use for social media channels. But this tool has a downside. It does not offer much adjustment flexibility.

How to design images on canvas:

Choose the perfect dimension needed for your design.

Select the background template.

Add elements such as text, images or illustrations, and font size.


You can now make your social media graphics within a few minutes with the DesignHill social media graphics maker. Here you will get high-quality templates with full adjustment options. You can make your social media graphics design easy. It an easy-to-use interface that allows you to adjust the template with just a few clicks.

How to make social media graphics online:

You must choose a social media template from thousands of options.

Add the image you want from the Designhill Library.

Graphic customization of your social media by adding or changing detailed text.

Use fonts, colors, and sizes according to your needs.

Download the design ready to use in (JPEG, PNG, or PDF)


Pablo can be a better tool if you want to design social media graphics. This can meet all your social media and your personal blog graphics needs. But the free version offers limited customization access.

How to make social media graphics:

Select a template or image for your blank template.

Select the desired size.

Edit text, color, and font

5)Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a perfect design tool. You can use previous templates designed by ACE designers. They are sorted by category and type of design. 

How to make social media charts using Adobe Spark:

Select picture

Edit image

Scale, crop, rotate images.


It comes with many advanced features of one of the applications we tested – while still easy to use. If you don’t want to take a template route, additional features such as free pen tools and import from PDF files, PSD, and SVG give you more creative freedom.

Take the pen tool: with an open project, click the image and then pen. Now, click and drag it to draw a free form line into whatever form you want. Useful, right? Well, click on your new image’s shape, and you get some powerful additional options in the top menu bar. You can click the conversion to the image box to create a frame to add a picture to, or opacity, fill in the color, stroke color, or stroke to control it. It will provide the same options with other drawing tools and shaped paths, which are only the PENS tool, but you click to draw a straight line.

When working on your design like this, it is entirely more time consuming than working from the templates; it means that your social media graphics will be unique. There are certain similarities with many default templates in each application, and you will begin to see them in your social media feed. Desygner helps you stand out.

how to create social media graphics


I hope the tools mentioned above help you come out with the best social media graphics for your brand. You don’t require to be a pro designer to make amazing graphics. By using these tools, you can save your time and money. For more such useful articles, bookmark our page.

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