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ICO converter is a free online icon creator, icon developer, and favicon generator that make symbol from images. it makes symbols for windows applications, android applications, or ios. You can change PNG over completely to ICO, JPEG to ICO, and GIF or BMP to ICO for work area applications, favicons, or sites. it can likewise produce symbols for the ios stage from any picture document type you transfer with compelling reason need to trim or edit it in different projects prior to transferring them on the converter.

What is an ICO file:

Files with the ICO expansion are regularly utilized by the Microsoft Windows working framework to show an image that is utilized for a PC icon. It tends to be utilized for thing symbols in the beginning menu, easy routes, registries, or for programs. For the PC to connect an image with a specific record or program, it is compulsory to utilize a document with the ICO document expansion. The ones most generally known are, among others, the little PC symbol on your symbol used to guide you to the "My Computer" index, or some sort of sheet or notebook which is normally connected with various word handling programs like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, or Notepad.


ICO Files have been essential for the earliest adaptations of Microsoft Windows as of now. Throughout the time, the file design has developed and further developed with regards to variety backing or most extreme size of pixels permitted. At present, in the Windows 7 norm, the symbols can ultimately depend on 256 x 256 pixels in size and integrate 8 digit straightforwardness and 24-bit tone.

Here is a little, yet not a thorough rundown of projects that can open ICO files:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Microsoft Paint
  • Windows Picture and Fax Viewer

How to change over jpg to ICO?

  1. Select the .jpg file, which you need to convert, from your PC, Google Drive, Dropbox, or simplified it on the page.
  2. Select ICO or whatever other organization, you need to convert.
  3. Stand by till your transformation interaction will be finished and click download changed over the ICO file.

ICO - is a unique format for showing symbols, shortcuts routes, and symbols in Windows OS. It addresses two bitmaps. The first is the picture cover, and the second is the symbol shown on the front. It is utilized to associate an image with an OS file. Clients of gadgets with working frameworks from Microsoft can edit the ICO records to make novel symbols. It very well may be switched over completely to file with famous JEPG and PNG expansions. Saving records in ICO is utilized while creating designs in pointers, symbols, and comparable graphical components. They are utilized as a symbol and site logo. Any application opens them for survey pictures and extraordinary projects like picture editor.

Technical details:

The .ico augmentation is utilized from the main adaptations of Windows OS, bit by bit including size and the greatest number of upheld tints. For instance, the "seven" can help symbols up to 256x256 pixels in 32 pieces. To guarantee the similarity with prior renditions of Windows, utilizing eight-digit symbol versions is better.

How to make the ICO document?

  • Click the Browse... button to choose the picture.
  • Crop the picture to a square angle proportion whenever required (recommended).
  • Select the symbol sizes and the ICO inner picture design in the Configure Icon area.
  • Click the Save Icon button to create and download the Windows symbol document.

How do have a transparent symbol background?

To make a symbol with a straightforward foundation, the chosen picture should be in PNG, WEBP, or SVG design and have a few straightforward regions (alpha channel).

Which sizes to remember for the icon?

It is prescribed to choose all the standard symbol sizes.

To diminish the record size of the ICO document, the accompanying symbol goals are normal and cover the majority of the situations: 16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 256x256.

Why Use an Icon File?

You're making a website, application, or software program that has a steady brand. The connection point requirements to address that brand. A symbol file is a straightforward method for making a graphical portrayal of your logo and brand tones. It's likewise an effective method for ensuring that your point of interaction looks predictable across all gadgets and stages.

Why utilize multiple sizes in the ICO file?

In the event that the ICO files do exclude every one of the sizes, the framework may downscale or upscale the symbol to the expected goal, bringing about unfortunate picture quality.

At the point when every one of the pictures is created and put away in great, it prevents runtimes

Popular Icon File Formats:

Several of the most widely recognized symbol record designs are SVG, and PNG. How about we investigate these organizations and why one may be a superior fit for your task.


SVG represents Scalable Vector Graphics, and it's a vector-based file format that can scale to any measure. Vector designs are great for making symbols since they hold their unique freshness regardless of how enormous they get. They're great for symbols since they lose no subtleties when scaled or down.

Vector designs are proficient quality and make your marking look perfect! Vector works with logos, signs, and more printed or distributed materials. Logos ought to generally be in vector design for the best quality prints - those perfect lines produce a strong variety that is fresh with clear text. You can utilize your logo on boards, pens you hand out to individuals on occasions, or just screenprint it onto shirts. Symbols or other shown work of art is a likewise great result as vector files!


.ico files give alpha channel transparency, as well as a similarity for more seasoned variants. Also, .ico records support numerous goals, which makes them appropriate for both little and huge presentations. At last, .ico records are more conservative than .png reciprocals, making them a superior choice assuming you are managing restricted download data transfer capacity.


PNGs are a raster-based, pixelated picture design. Whenever you increase a rasterized picture excessively far, it will become grainy and pixelated. Additionally, If that the picture is tiny, there could be a vagary to it.


can deal with exceptionally high goals well however they are not vastly expandable; albeit this doesn't make them a second-rate document type for what we want most frequently in our pictures now or later on. ICO to PNG converter tool.

ICOs are an extraordinary approach to presenting your content online. They are an extraordinary method for conveying that your substance is top-notch and worth concentrating intently on

ICO converter is a simple online .ico picture converter. It will take any picture and convert it. an ICO file, which is the norm for symbols in Mac and Windows working systems

The ICO file expansion is a file design that is utilized by Microsoft Windows to show a picture to address PC symbols, like projects, alternate routes, Start Menu things, or catalogs. To connect a picture with a record in Microsoft Windows a .ico document should be utilized. An illustration of a symbol is the little PC picture related to 'My Computer' or the Notepad symbol that is related to the Notepad.exe application inside Microsoft Windows.


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