8 Trending Instagram Filters To Try

We are a social media-friendly generation that likes to share almost anything and everything on Instagram. According to recent research, on average, about 800 million people spend 53 minutes of their day on Instagram. There are almost 90 million picture updates every day. That is a vast number and brings in massive profit every hour.

If we click a  good picture, it goes to our profile, and in a moment, it is on our story. And, of course, while uploading the photo, we want it to be in its best form and cannot compromise with quality and looks. To keep this social media engagement hiked up, creators constantly innovate and launch new trending Instagram filters that everyone can try.

Instagram has about 40 exciting filters that you can use to add fun or beautify your posts. However, choosing the best filter gets a confusing task at times.

Here are some trending Instagram filters you can surely opt for:

RUNAWAY AURORA (best trending filter)

The Runaway by Aurora trend is a trend loved by many users all over the world. There are very few that couldn’t resist trying this one. The song that has been written and sung by Aurora has a very dreamy and aesthetic vibe to it. The filter allows you to capture beautiful silhouettes against contrasting scenic backgrounds filled with dreamy clouds and stars, looking like a getaway to escape in your dream world.


Another filter that has gained massive popularity amongst folks worldwide is the 90’s filter. It is also called the “Cute 90’s”  filter, and it gives your pictures a 90’s blend, just like those from the old CRT television sets. It adds an old golden touch and a blurry glimpse to your typical picture, giving it a very nostalgic touch. You must try recreating your 90’s looks using this feature and share it on your feed.


Some people often search for a suitable font to add text and time to their photos—however, this quite a time-consuming process. But then Rizki came to everyone’s aid and gave an easy, effective, and elegant option. Its Suneater filter adds the current day and time with a soothing font and a quote with a dark effect on your screen. With this filter, you can capture a moment and give it a memory-like touch and relish it later.


In the list of popular filters, next up, we have Split-created by Fahrezaos, a famous Instagram developer. Using this filter, you can split your image or video into three separate Mac application windows or mini-screens, with the picture or video clip turned upside down in the back. It adds a lot of fun to your regular pictures, and when you are with your friends, this filter is a must-try.

trending instagram filters


Everybody likes a bit of sparkle in their photos to make them more eye-catching. The Kira Pastel 2 is one such filter that sparkles your pictures and, to add a cherry on the top, gives a pastel hue blend in the final touch. Although, this filter is quite subtle and changes your photo with soft touches. It is a widely popular filter amongst all Instagram influencers. It adds a certain aesthetic feel to your images and stories.


People often enjoy filters that are fun .to play with. One such filter created by bananabeauty.de is the Good Kisser. It is currently trending on Instagram, and people are enjoying it a lot. It is a fun filter that reads and scans your smile and assigns you a percent and a remark, flattering or savage. It is a lot of fun when you are hanging out with your friend, and you must compete with this one.


Another funny filter on Instagram is the Silly face filter. This filter is popular as it exaggerates your facial expressions, makes them appealing, and makes them appear more amusing, just like the cartoons on the Tv. You can look cute or stupid according to your facial expressions and how the filter perceives you. Hence, when you are out with friends, try it at your own risk!!


Another popular filter amongst the millennials and all over the world is the Black and white vibe. It changes your photos with a black and white blend and blurs the edges or sides of the subject with chromatic aberration to maintain the contrast, just like those rainbow patterns you see on new CDs. This filter will give your photos a perfectly trippy, after-party, and nostalgic look.

trending instagram filters

In Conclusion

Hence, these are some of the trending Instagram filters that have been trending worldwide in 2021. The Instagram filters are a great feature as they combine both beauty and fun elements. Instagram keeps working on developing new filters continuously. Hence, there are new filters every week. You can also create your own filters putting your creativity to use, and let others try them, and offer reviews. It is all about experimenting with new filters to maintain a great feed on Instagram. You can share filters among your friends to keep the fun going on.

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