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How do blog editing apps have become so important nowadays? The 21st century is an era of high technological advancement and digitalization, anything and everything has secured its place on the internet. It’s a vast web connecting and spreading through all corners of the world.

Nowadays, blogs or (online logs) have garnered immense popularity worldwide. Blogs are a type of website that presents their contents following a reverse chronological order. According to this order, the blog writer’s fresh or the newest content gets its place on the top. The contents of the blogs are called entries or blog posts. Blogging includes publishing all kinds of creative and fresh ideas online. We can put it on any media in our blog- writing, photography, technology, or anything else. One who writes and self publishes a blog is called a “Blogger” or a “blog-writer.”

Blog writers generally tend to use informal language in their blogs. Mostly, they are like entries in an online diary. Each new entry in the log is called  “post.” Blogs often allow the viewers to indulge in discussions and conversations about their content. A person single-handedly can design and develop a blog or be updated and developed by a small firm. From 2010, the idea of multi-author blogs entered the market and took the art of blogging sky-high.


Blogs appeared on the scene in the late 1990s. Initially, blogs were referred to as “web-logs.” The first blog reportedly dates back to 1998, when a  man called Jonathan Dube blogged Hurricane Bonnie for a well-known and traditional news site.

The name was officially converted to “Blog” in 1999.


All the blogs that appear online fall under the subdivision of the website. However, the fundamental difference between a blog and a website is that blogs get updated daily. Websites, on the other hand, don’t get daily updates. New posts in the blogs appear at the top, following a reverse chronological order.

Since blogs have become such a vital part of our online culture, blogging has become a popular job worldwide. Bloggers work hard and produce new content every day. Posting any random, made-up article to maintain the schedule doesn’t go with blogging. Each piece must be precise and perfect and to impress the viewers. Writing your blogs with all sincerity is good, but what gets more viewers is the edit.

Hence, if your blog isn’t going according to your plans, you might want to change your editing approach, which would make it more appealing for the viewers.

These are the tools that would help you make your blogs perfect:-


Blogging is not an easy job. You tend to lose your attention, procrastinate in editing or merely keep scrolling your social media handles. These activities relax your mind but delay your efficiency and hamper your blog.

On days where your mind starts to wander freely, you need an app like StayFocusd by your side. This tool puts an end to all excuses of delaying your work and blocks all the distracting websites. It keeps reminding you to get back to work and finish your job. Hence, you keep working on your blog and prevent it from turning into a long, unedited post written in stray.


Blogs became multi-authored since the year of 2010. They became a crashing success in the market and turned in massive revenue for all the new blog sites. Hence, collaborative writing and editing improves the quality of your blog and gives it a refreshing viewpoint. synchroEdit is such an app where you can collaborate and work with your fellow bloggers in unison. It is fun when you work with your friends, and everything starts to seem easy. Writing and editing your blogs together saves time from sending long drafts and making corrections. You save time by doing it together on a common platform.

blog editing apps


One of the most popular tools when it comes to blog editing is  Grammarly. It is popular amongst bloggers throughout the world. It is a robust platform with an intuitive user interface. Using Grammarly adds a new scale to your writing. You may be a professional blogger or a new blogger; you can’t ignore the value Grammarly adds to your blogs. Also, it has the best feature of plagiarism check, where it compares your blog with millions of pages online to ensure its originality.

After the Deadline

It is another popular blog editing tool that has a good, AI-supported user interface. It uses its AI technology and natural language processing unit to work upon different aspects of your material. After the Deadline provides you with a list of new words you can use to enrich your text, it also puts up proper reasons for making changes in your text.


The writer is another AI-supported, highly functional, and fast editing app you must use if you are a blogger. It goes through your texts real fast, analyzes all your lines, and provides you with options to improve them. It corrects all the probable errors- be it typos, grammatical errors, or punctuation. Most importantly, it understands the context of your lines and phrases while judging the mistakes. It understands the fact that every time you cannot follow grammatical rules.


This tool provides you with a collection of editing tools placed under one roof. It works as a plagiarism checker as well as an online grammar editor. It analyzes your text, corrects typos, eliminates redundancies by finding overused words, and finally increases your blog’s readability. This a free tool, which must be with you if you are a blogger.


When you talk about editing your blog, you want your edit to be perfect. There are hundreds of automated tools out in the market to edit your blog, but they don’t provide you with essential editing guidance. Hence, NinjsEssays is such a platform that offers you a professional editor to edit and improve the quality of your blog posts. However, they take complete care of your personal opinion while editing.

Also, if you are new to blogging and the world of blogs, NinjaEssays pair you up with a writing expert to take care of your content. This tool provides all the assistance at an affordable price and takes complete care of your blogging ideas.


This is one of the oldest blog editing tools present in the market. Though it is old, it is as practical and helpful as it is on its first day. It would be of great help if you never underestimated the potential of this app. Here, you get to post your content into a box as the tool runs a check and reveals the weakest aspects of your writing. Although it is not AI-supported and has an old-school robotic copy editor, it is surprisingly effective in identifying and correcting mistakes.

Byword 2

Byword 2 is a simple, effective blog editing app for all Mac,iPod, and iPhone users. This tool provides you a platform to write and edit your blogs effectively. It syncs your documents to the devices. Hence it allows you to preview your content in the app and export it to HTML or PDF to publish in your app directly.

Hemingway app

Blog writing primarily focuses on posting relevant content daily. One of the essential things you must keep in mind while writing your blog is that your sentences must be crisp and to the point. You don’t want your readers to get lost in long, pointless extensions. Using the Hemingway app helps in making your content bold and clear by shortening your sentences. It marks the areas where you could do a bit of simplification to make your blog impressive.

Hence, we see that editing is one aspect you should brush up on before publishing your blogs. If you have the correct tools at your hand, editing becomes easy.

Blogging requires a strict schedule, but you must not compromise with your editing. It is a dynamic process that requires sheer skill and patience. Using the above-given apps makes editing easy to explore and fun.

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