Best Photo Editing Software for New Photographers 2020

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Lets talk about the editing software for new photographers today. Thanks to this era of smartphones and Instagram filters, everyone is a photographer now. Everyone is clicking at least one image every day. But only real photographers know the value of editing raw images for bringing out the very best in them. Editing plays a crucial role in the presentation of final photographs.

A raw image is simple like an unprocessed film seen by your DSLR sensor. Image editing requires correcting several things. It includes: 

  • Exposure
  • Noise reduction 
  • Focus 
  • Highlighting essential objects 

All these subtle changes are necessary to make a stunning image!

And there is tons of advice out there. Most people talk about Adobe Photoshop, which seems to be the most commonly used tool because of its ease of use and availability.

As great as Adobe is, it’s not the only credible photo editing software out there. In fact, there is plenty of photo editing software available on the market to explore and choose from.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best photo editing software capable of meeting the needs of all types of photographers. We are dedicating this article too, especially new photographers.

Editing Software for New Photographers

Corel Paint Shop Pro 2020

Corel PaintShop Pro is an efficient and one of the most reasonable photo editing software tools out there in the market. Some photographers call it an Adobe Photoshop alternative or even a lite version of it, But, it surely lacks Adobe Photoshop’s most advanced features. It lacks Camera Shake Reduction, 3D modeling, Faces Liquefy, detailed typography, among others. However, we want to look at the positive signs of using this amazing software.

If you want software for basic yet effective image editing, then Corel PaintShop Pro is not a bad option. Just don’t expect it to be as shrewd as its other more advanced counterparts. If you are a beginner, you can start exploring the field of photo editing using this software. It’s intuitive and easy to grab within no time.


Some of its unique features which make it worth trying are as follows:

  • It is perfect for beginners.
  • Includes 360-degree image editing capability.
  • Its user experience is crisp and smooth.
  • Designers can start working from pre-existing graphic design templates which makes it easier for you to think.
  • It includes an extensive library of gradients, picture tubes, colors, pallets, among others.


  • PaintShop Pro is only available on Windows. No Mac version is coming in the near future. Mac users don’t worry! We have got far better options for Mac.


It offers two paid versions – the PaintShop Pro version is $63.99 and The PaintShop Pro Ultimate costs $79.99, for a one-time purchase. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the product, you are free to return and get your money back. I will tell you, it’s worth your investment. You can easily return if you don’t like it. But, you should try it at least once.

Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar is an excellent alternative to Adobe Lightroom. It truly has some amazing features which are comparable to Lightroom. As a result, it has been gaining massive popularity among new photographers. Its intuitive editing interface makes it easier for beginners to learn this software.

It comes with powerful image editing capabilities along with more affordable pricing. Its latest version, Luminar 4, is faster and provides a perfect blend of both Lightroom and Photoshop. So, it’s something you don’t want to miss out on. With one single software, you get the best of both worlds.

Something which is unique is its viewing options. It includes:

  • Filmstrip view 
  • Gallery view
  • Single image view


Some of its notable key features include:

  • Inclusion of adjustment layers and masks while editing.
  • Offers 24/7 Technical and Sales Support ( It maintains good customer relations).
  • Fast editing controls with a lesser lag time.
  • Clever and easy-to-remember shortcuts for automatic management of photographs.
  • The software folders are always updated with the content available on the hard disk.
  • AI-powered sky enhancer, and accidental AI and sun rays


  • Healing and cloning tools are not always reliable. It lags at certain times which turns out to be irritating.
  • Handling of workflow and organization could use improvement. It’s all personal opinion.


Unlike recurring payment for Adobe editing tools, Luminar comes with a more affordable one-time payment plan of $70. You also get a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try it once. If you don’t like it, tell them and you get your money back. It is absolutely worth your money. If you are starting to grow in your profession and want to try something different from the Adobe package, this one is the best choice for you!

Editing Software for New Photographers


PicMonkey is recommended for beginners who want to brush up and upgrade their design and photo editing skills. It offers a complete range of photo editing tools including: 

  • Touch up 
  • Crop
  • Collages
  • And many more….

You can try out its free trial version to test its amazing photo editing abilities or its efficiency before going for the paid version. One of the best things about PicMoney is its user interface. It is straightforward,  intuitive, and super easy to use. Editing images in PicMonkey is effortless. It is also a perfect alternative for professionals who are overwhelmed by complex features of other heavyweight photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop.


  • It has got a good selection of templates.
  • There are some bewildering advanced touch-up tools for stunning images.
  • Additional features and tools through constant updates
  • You can edit images easily through its feature-rich smartphone app for iPhone and Android. Mac users enjoy it!
  • Sophisticated graphic design tools to create images for online publishing
  • You don’t have to be an editing wizard to use this photo editing software


PicMonkey offers a 7-day free trial, which allows you to test out the product before upgrading to a paid version. The Basic plan is $7.99 per month; the Pro plan is $12.99, and the Team plan is $33.99.

We did not get any cons as such regarding this software. So it is amazing indeed!

Capture One

Created by a camera company called Phase One, Capture One is a great addition to this list. At first glance, this RAW image editor will seem like any other image editing software. But trust me, it actually offers a lot of unique and efficient features. 

If you are a photographer who is mostly interested in enhancing RAW images, then there cannot be any other better option than this one. I would even say that this is better than Adobe Lightroom in terms of RAW image enhancing.


Capture One offers a lot of advanced and robust features to make image editing totally effortless.

Here are some of its key features you should take note of:

  • Its masking capabilities eliminate the requirement of using Adobe Photoshop. This feature doesn’t compromise with the quality of masking and is truly efficient.
  • The performance speed is faster and slick even with massive image files.
  • It has got an advanced color editing feature which offers greater flexibility to adjust colors and white balance.
  • Something which is great is that you can customize the interface as per your preference which makes it easier for you to get comfortable with the software.
  • It allows you to make several adjustments on each layer without getting sluggish.


  • You can’t export an image without a watermark. You will have to process it to remove the watermark. 
  • The absence of a dehaze tool limits some of your options for creating those effects.
  • No cloud storage option. But it isn’t a major issue if you want to do minor edits. 


Its monthly subscription plans start from $20 per month. You can also purchase it outright by paying $299, which includes 500+ camera support. Other premium plans can go as high as $417.

As I said above, try it out and see if it works. This software is a bit costly as compared to the other ones but provides amazing services as well.


If you are a beginner, I would not suggest using a lot of money on your editing software or applications. There are tons of free platforms available for designing and stuff. For photo editing, you can use applications like Photopea which is an exact replica of the grand platform Photoshop.

All you have to do is try out everything and see what works for you the best. When you have got enough experience regarding your compatibility, choose and invest cleverly.

Comment on your choice in the comment section below!

Happy Editing!

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