Importance of Props in Photography

So are you wondering why the results of your shoot are looking dull and not giving out the thunder that you had expected from the shoot.  And when you dress up, you add accessories to your outfit, right? Why? To add that extra bling in my opinion. 

In the same way, to accessorize your photographs, you should consider using props from now on. Props helps to add an extra density to your images. It also helps to show movements and make the models play with their poses which is a green flag for your photoshoot to go well.  But again, all the things have a brighter and darker side, same with using props during your session.

Too few or too many of props can destroy your thunder of the shoot. Or using the inappropriate prop can demean the subject in the photograph which can result in a total failure, like how frustrating does it sound? To me, honestly, that is a nightmare, spending hours in hard work to create the perfect shoot and getting failing results just because I was not guided well with the knowledge of using the right figure or right amount of prop. So to be a wiser guide and to prevent you from making the same mistake, I am here to guide you well in this article.

There are many people who might go along with the fact that : using props in your photography sessions can be a blessing or a nightmare. It can either enhance or diminish the grace of a photograph. Well, if you want to know about the outcomes, then let me tell you that it depends on what kind of props the photographer is using and how they are being used so that it can turn a simple photograph into a masterpiece. It is all a try to people’s appreciation and as much of love for the art. A lot of photographers – both professionals and beginners- have the knowledge that accessories can be used to bring out the charm of a subject to the surface in your photograph.

Basically, the main function of the props in a shoot is toad density, drama, character, interest towards a photograph, and bring the context to the story of the subject under the spotlight. For example, take conceptual photography -this is a kind of photography– that it is nothing without the utilization of any props because they are used to transform an abstract concept into an alluring photograph. When you start using props, you are at an advantage. For instance, if you’re making portraits for a group of people, you can add a fantastic amount of energy, passion, and life into the image with the help of props.

Studying carefully what your subject will be is to be able to finalize what kind of props will be useful for the photo. With props, you can produce fun photos, be fanciful, be formal, or be serious – all with the selected props. You can also use a perfect location to add great effects and evoke feelings to the photo. You can capture your subject with the beauty of a landscape, wildlife, a meadow or garden, and other locations.

Each prop has a different aesthetic and hence has different usage in this industry. Let’s talk about them in detail:


Using fruits can bring some life into your dull pictures. When you are doing an indoor portrait photoshoot, using fruits can be a great idea because that will add vibrancy to your pictures. Plus when you are shooting indoors, it’s always suggested to use bright and colorful props, and what could be better than using some big and juicy fruits to make your portraits look highly appreciable!


Items of Furniture are on next-level aesthetics if used accordingly. For instance, if you are using a chair that is wooden, then you can keep your color palette based on the color of the prop and according to that you can edit your photographs on lightroom, photoshop or wherever you want to, furniture like chairs or any other kind goes well with shoots that involve most of sitting poses. It helps in adding depth.


Have you ever tried shooting with home décor things? Like lampshades, flower vases, mats and indoor plants? Well, the list might go on for forever. If you have not yet, trust me you are missing into creating some magic. Despite having a light source, try using the lampshades or your ring lights covered into a cloth or cellophane paper, just to change or create a gradient of colors from the very basic items! Using lampshades as your light source can give you a well tailored contrast of the lights and shadows in your portrait photography.


So coming to this point, many people don’t have suitable props in their impromptu photoshoot sessions, what should they do then? Wait for the next day? What if it never comes again? It should not be an obstacle for you from getting what you want. Open youtube and start exploring, you will find plenty of options on there, and if you want, you can make some of the props using kinds of stuff at your home only. You don’t need to buy everything, everytime.

Just like how I mentioned about the ring light concept. You can use utensils or crockeries like bowls, plates, or even glasses. Wine glasses act as the best prop. It brings movement in the portrait shoot and also add character to your pictures.


Another rising trend in the team of props, using stationary materials such as chart papers, cardboards, thermacols, and more. Many people use glass bottles and wrapped in cellophane papers to create that off-the-focus look with the focus on you and glass bottle be wrapped.

So there are many other ways you can use stationaries as props. You can use them as single raw items, or you can mix and match each other to create something on your own, just like how I said in the previous one in the DIY PROPS section.

Many people use clothes like scarfs, fabric, cotton balls, brushes, and many other such decorative things that can make your photographs look better with movement and density.


If you have come down till here then I hope this article gave you a basic idea of why props are important and how to choose the right and appropriate prop for your shoots! After all, who would want to create something boring and overhyped, create your own trend, with the help of some unique props!

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