InPixio Photo Studio Ultimate 10 – Review

Amongst so many photo editing software available in the market, it has become really difficult to choose which one is the best for you. There is software available for beginners, and also for amateurs and professionals.
That is we bring different software and app reviews every day so that you can easily choose the best for you. In this article, we would be reviewing InPixio Photo Studio, one of the best photo editing software for professionals. 


InPixio Photo Studio Ultimate 10 is the latest version of this fantastic photo editing package. The software starts to impress you just as you open the software and start working on it.

In this InPixio review, I have broken down the two main components of the InPixio Photo Studio – 

  • Photo Editor
  • Photo Eraser 

The thing which is great is that InPixio Photo Studio 10 is available for both Windows and iOS devices. Also, there is a free trial version that lasts for 30 days. 30 days is enough to know whether it suits your needs or not. This gives you the chance to test the editing software. However, when using the trial software, any images you save will have a watermark but you can access all of its editing features which is more crucial.

Before I start this software test, let me provide some background info. I would class InPixio Photo Studio 10 as a tool for beginners and hobbyists who are passionate about exploring the field of photo editing. I do not think it provides the same level of detail as programs like Lightroom 2020 or Adobe Photoshop CC, and ON1 Photo RAW 2020. 

However, it does have extensive editing tools, and both Photo Eraser and Photo Cutter and brilliant for manipulating images. 


Performance is really vital if you want to get things perfect. Therefore, I want to be clear of the system requirements to see if my computer can run the program effectively. You should definitely not compromise with system requirements as it can affect your performance and even the desktop or laptop on which you are working.

There are two versions available of InPixio Photo Studio – the standard version, and professional, and its cost is listed below:

  • InPixio Photo Studio 10 – $49.99
  • InPixio Photo Studio 10 Professional – $59.99. 

You can get started with a free trial for both versions.

I would always advise purchasing the professional versions. For $10.00 more, you get access to all the features including the excellent one-click image correction. 

Moreover, the program is not expensive in itself. Compared to other editing software it is relatively cheap but efficient at the same time.


Inpixio Photo Editor

Photo Editor is the main program of the whole package. This is where you get the tools which you use to edit photos like in Lightroom and Photoshop. People spent a valuable amount of time using the different tools and testing the features to create an accurate InPixio review. When I used it for some of my projects, I quite enjoyed using Photo Editor.

It has a great range of fun but useful editing tools. Admittedly some of the features are not suitable for professional photo editing. However, using this program gives you the excellent creative freedom to tweak images. For those who love to experiment with different styles, InPixio Studio Photo Editor is a versatile tool.

We have listed all the different toolsets available in this amazing software:

  • Transformations
  • Full RAW editing
  • Selective retouching
  • Corrections
  • Effects
  • Textures
  • Frames
  • Text

Each of these tools is easy to use. The layout remains simple. In the center, there is the preview panel. Underneath this, a small file management bar. To the right, you can see all of the editing tools. I really like the simplistic layout – for beginners it would be so easy to use.

Inpixio Studio Photo Eraser

The Photo Eraser program, the second part of the program is a brilliant tool. Using this program, you can remove unwanted objects from your photos. In addition, you can perform basic functions like cropping and transforming the photo.

I generally find the tools to be easy to use. The quality really depends on the overall composition of the photo. You will find that some photos are extremely easy for Photo Eraser, whereas others will be difficult to remove objects from – this holds true for any editor though. It totally depends on the level of contrast that the image has.

Essentially, I would advise using Photo Eraser before editing the photo. You can transform it and remove any unwanted objects and prepare them for full post-processing.

I like the simple layout of this program. It is simple, intuitive, and extremely easy to use. It has an uncluttered layout with only a preview panel and the toolbar panel. You can easily identify the different tools and options because of its simple interface.

In addition to that, when you first open the program, a handy tutorial section is shown. Here you can open four different files and participate in an interactive tutorial that shows you how the various eraser functions work. This tutorial helps you to get hold of the software. 


Hope you have gained enough knowledge about this app. If you ever think if it is suitable for you, I will recommend trying it once and then choosing. 

Comment on your experience!

Happy Editing!

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